“I went in wanting to edit and I left definitely wanting to direct”.

Since graduating in 2021 from her bachelor degree, specialising in Film and TV Production, Lexee Gordoun has been busy.

The JMC alumni has already directed and produced four films and won awards for two of them in Venice, Paris and New York. And as if winning awards at international film festivals wasn’t enough of an achievement for one year, Lexee has also presented at a TedEx event and has a fifth directorial project sitting in post production. We’re exhausted just typing this.

Accolades aside, Lexee loves being a filmmaker because of the process itself. “I get to have unique experiences with the people that I love, on set, with my unbelievable crew”. It’s the journey of developing a project that fuels Lexee’s passion for creating (although the travel opportunities aren’t anything to complain about!).

With an IMDb profile filling up this quickly, it’s hard to imagine where another twelve months post-graduation will see Lexee. Her upcoming short-film, Sasha's Game, is adapted from Anita Selzer's Holocaust book, 'I Am Sasha.'. Co-written and directed by Lexee, it's’ a fierce tale tackled by a fierce creative- one which we are beyond proud to have helped to grow. Do we spy another international film festival on the horizon?

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