RE:Write is a two day songwriting event held at JMC Academy’s new purpose-built South Melbourne Campus. Featuring the likes of Clare Bowditch, Kutch Edwards, Charles Jenkins and more. This event is designed to explore the future of songwriting, enabling attendees with the opportunity to better understand beyond the elements of the craft of songwriting, but also the scope of this vital part of the music industry as it adapts and changes through time. 

Tertiary educator, JMC Academy, prides itself on providing a creative industries experience that is future-facing and reflective of what the industry needs to thrive, RE:Write is a testament to that. This event is aimed at both aspiring and established songwriters - a space where songwriters can talk about their craft, get advice regarding their career, and also hear from other leading industry professionals.

Chris Pickering, Head of Music and Performance at JMC, adds that ‘Songwriting is the art of telling a story, illustrating a scene, describing a feeling and taking the listener on a journey aided with the emotional punch of melody and harmony. Songwriting is categorised as music and lyrics, but many songwriters write or create using music alone, or with lyrics alone. The creativity and inspiration for songwriters doesn’t begin and end with a verse and a chorus and that’s what we’re encouraging you to come and experience at RE:Write.’ 

We’re looking forward to meeting lots of songwriters, sharing information about Music Victoria and having some robust conversations about how to navigate the industry. There are so many great songwriters in this state and we are really excited about making sure they’re supported to take the next steps in their career.

Dale Pickard, Music Victoria

I’m looking forward to hearing from creators about their take on the future on songwriting and sustainability within the industry.It’s great to see JMC looking forward, focusing on songwriting, and focusing on new technologies/trends.

Chris O’Neill, APRA AMCOS

The City of Port Phillip is proud to partner with key music industry bodies and JMC Academy in hosting the inaugural Songwriting Camp RE:Write. The City of Port Phillip Council is heading into the second year of the four year Live Music Action Plan (LMAP), and is committed to a range of support measures including working with the industry to present important networking and partnership opportunities. For more information on Council’s LMAP and the actions within it please head to

The City of Port Phillip 

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Tickets cost $50 per person for the two-day event and JMC Academy students and alumni will be contacted directly regarding an exclusive discount. Refreshments are included.