JMC's Open Day is almost here

Open Day is your opportunity to explore the pathways available to you at JMC, get hands on experience, and receive *chefs kiss* career advice from our alumni and industry expert lecturers. Did we mention free snacks, coffee all day?

Our Open Days are bigger and better than ever and with so much to see and do, it can be hard to plan your day. We are not here to gatekeep, so to make sure you have the best Open Day experience possible, we have created a list of your ‘must do’ activities based on your creative interests!

Are you new here? 💁‍♀️

First things first, if you're new to the JMC Universe, make sure to catch our welcome session and Head of Department panel. These sessions will tell you everything you need to know about beginning your journey at JMC. You will get to learn about our courses, meet the industry experts you will be learning from and get a first look at the creative industry and career opportunities.

After you check out the welcome session, make sure to jump into the alumni networking lounge to meet the students who are excelling in their industry and get their advice on how to get a foot in the door.

For the Muso’s

If you are interested in studying any of our music courses, follow the life of a professional muso, starting in our rehearsal rooms where you will get to experience our students workshop songs and rehearse with their bands. From there, head to our world class studios where you can listen in as we record and mix our students’ songs live. Once you’re done there, don’t forget to drop by our live performances to see our music student’s skills in action. If you’re feeling up to it, you can even join the band and play a song.

For the Artists, Designers and Gamers

If you’re a visual creative, check out our gaming, animation and design activities throughout the day. Jump into our digital drawing labs to start sketching your characters or get on x games mode in the arcade to play our student’s finished games! If design is your thing, get hands on experience in a logo making workshop and create your own personal brand.

For the Audio Techs

Are you always stopping to hear the little sounds no one else seems to notice? Then explore Audio Engineering at Open Day. Walk through our industry standard studio’s and discover all the activations on offer. You can get hands on experience in our live recording and mixing session with a student band or even discover audio for film and foley work!

For the Film Makers

POV: you’re exploring Film & TV at Open Day: You stumble in on a film set, a multi camera tv drama and some students shooting a live game show. You’re invited to handle the cameras and work with the actors on set to get the perfect shot… and then you wake up- just kidding. It’s not a dream, it's everything you can do at Open Day.

For the Actors

We are so excited to introduce you to JMC’s new acting course at Open Day! If you dream of performing on stage, screen or if you feel like you have ✨main character energy✨, start your day with the Head of Department panel where you will hear about all the performance opportunities available to our students. Afterwards, jump into a Q&A with our Acting course coordinator to ask all your acting questions. Then, join in on an acting workshop with an industry professional and our current students!

For the Managers

Do you want to work as an entertainment business leader in artist management, marketing, events or radio and podcasting? Entertainment Business Management at JMC will see you learning and working in collaboration with all our courses and industry areas. So, we suggest you try and get a taste of everything from music to film, acting and more at Open Day. Our best tip, drop by the Alumni Networking Lounge and meet some incredible JMC Alumni that are working in industry. Sit down with them over a free coffee and pick their brains for the best advice!

Remember, Open Day is all about exploring your options, so drop by and see if JMC is the right fit to help make your dream career a reality. 

If you haven’t already registered, click here to register for our next Open Day. See you soon!