Ah, summer!

As the sun shines bright and the days stretch longer, it's the perfect time to flex your creative muscles by trying something new. Creative activities during the break can be a revitalising way to make the most of your time off and help you to get into fighting fit shape for the year ahead. Here are seven creative outlets to explore to keep those creative juices flowing!

Dive into a world of art! 

Whether it's painting, drawing, or sculpting, channel your inner artist to express yourself. Visit local art galleries, attend workshops, or simply create in the comfort of your own space. Use elements from your surroundings as a backdrop for your creations, incorporating holiday themes or destinations into your artwork.

Get out into nature.

Observing the wonders of the natural world can be the best medicine when it comes to fuelling the creative spirit! This summer, plan road trips with friends to visit waterfalls or go hiking. Even visiting your local neighbourhood park with a sketchbook, comic or crossword can be a relaxing way to spend a few hours, or try your hand at planting some summer blooms. If you’re visiting a new place, organise a tour with a local guide, or read up about the amazing flora and fauna to be found around you! 

Explore the art of cooking and baking

Inspo you can eat? Yes please! Experiment with new recipes, create festive dishes, and document your culinary adventures. You can even host a virtual (or real life!) cooking session with friends, exchanging recipes and cooking tips to keep the creativity flowing in the kitchen. Getting creative in a new medium can do wonders for your own practice. Plus you never know, you could find your new favourite dish to meal-prep and save yourself a bunch of time and money down the track!

Write your heart out.

Explore the power of words by engaging in creative writing. Pen down thoughts, dreams, lyrics or even create short narratives (to work into game designs, songs, film scripts and animations in the new year!). You can also challenge yourself with writing prompts related to the season. Consider starting a summer journal or anthology of poems relating to this strange time of year.

Explore photography!

Capture memories and magic through the lens of your camera or smartphone. Photography is a wonderful exercise in mindfulness, as contemplating and staging beautiful shots takes consideration and patience. This summer, take a stroll through the neighbourhood and notice the little things, attend local events, or even stage your own photoshoot! Experiment with different angles, lighting, and editing techniques (rainy day photography is a great time for the bokeh lovers!) to develop your photography skills whilst creating lasting holiday memories.

Meditate for creativity!

Embrace mindfulness and creativity simultaneously through activities like meditation, tai chi or yoga! These practices can help clear your mind, allowing creative ideas to flow more freely (plus, they’re super healthy for your body!). Consider combining meditation with creative visualisation to generate fresh, innovative concepts during this reflective time of year.

Have a holiday movie marathon.

It’s the ultimate way to relax and enjoy art at the same time. Turn this traditional pastime into a creative endeavour by choosing a theme, such as movies starring a certain actor or directed by the same director or the best of a genre or era in film. Use the marathon as an opportunity to study the techniques that inspire you! Watch with friends or create a cosy solo space with blankets and snacks, discuss your favourite scenes or even rewrite the endings to some of your most beloved movies. Ready, aaaaand action!

Whether you're a seasoned artist or a budding creative enthusiast, these ideas offer a blend of relaxation and inspiration. There are plenty of opportunities to express your creativity and connect with like-minded individuals this summer. We encourage you to step outside your comfort zone, and let the warm weather fuel your creativity during this sun-soaked holiday season!

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