Can you believe Reality TV shows have been on our screens since the 1940s?! Crazy but true.

Since Candid Camera first aired back in 1947, the popularity of reality TV has been on the up and up. In fact, shows like Big Brother, Survivor, and Keeping Up with the Kardashians have had huge impacts on the television and streaming industry, with entire channels and streaming services launched specifically to host the content viewed by 41% of Australians weekly. It is pretty clear that reality TV isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

That’s why JMC Academy has become the first and only film school in Australia to offer a Reality TV unit as part of our Film & Television Production degree. The unit, which is endorsed by Channel 7, pairs theoretical and practical knowledge, teaching students the history, variety and concepts of reality TV alongside pitching and production skills. Students also learn all about “Shiny Floor” shows such as quizzes, dating shows, talent shows and game shows as part of the unit structure.  Taught by a team of reality TV experts, this course sees students getting hands on with the content, eventually pitching and producing a reality tv show pilot as part of the unit’s major assessment.

For our FTV alumni, there are so many careers on offer in reality TV. In fact, 10% of JMC Film & Television students land their first major job working on a reality TV show. With jobs in producing directing, writing, editing, and filming available, there are so many avenues you can choose to move into. No matter where our FTV alumni end up, the Reality TV unit prepares them for a career in entertainment.


The Business of Reality TV

Despite only 2% of Australians saying they watch reality TV more than any other genre, the data says otherwise. Shows like Lego Masters and Married at First Sight averaged over 1 million views per episode. This huge audience is a major pull for both broadcasters and advertisers. For commercial broadcasters, the programming of reality TV shows is (by and large) a more affordable option when compared to TV drama and advertisers love nothing more than a home renovation show to promote their products! The popularity of reality TV is now moving from our TVs and onto streaming services. Subscription services like Hayu have been built specifically to host Reality Television content. And the big platforms have cottoned on. Netflix has recently started producing a huge range of reality shows including Tidying up with Marie Kondo, Next in Fashion, Love is Blind, and Queer Eye.


So… Reality TV. Love it or hate it, it’s here to stay. That’s why JMC is preparing our students to move straight from the classroom and onto the set. If you’re interested in becoming the next Love Island producer or want to capture some foodie magic on MasterChef, check out JMC Academy’s Degrees and Diplomas in Film & Television Production today. 

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