We may all be self-isolating to protect the physical health of ourselves, our friends and our families, but how is your mental health going?

During uncertain times like these, so many of us can be filled with anxiety or stresses that are evidently affecting our mental health. Healthy wellbeing is both parts physical and mental, and whilst the lockdown is helping and protecting our physical wellbeing, we've come up with six ways to care for your mental wellbeing during self-isolation

Don't spend all day on Social Media

Social media has become such an important tool in keeping connected and staying up to date in the latest COVID-19 news, although the harm to your mental health can come about when you are constantly checking. The news is a terrifying place for those suffering from anxiety and depression, being bombarded with headline after headline, so be cautious in the amount of media coverage you consume and avoid monitoring the news all day. The internet is full of media outlets, but be sure to find true and accurate information from trusted sources such as the World Health Organisation and the Australian Government Health Alert

Keep doing the things you LOVE

As creatives, we use our own experiences and feelings to influence the work we do. Use this time in isolation and the predicament we are in to further your craft and keep your mind active. If you need a creative break, fill your day with fun activities that you would usually do on your days off, baking, playing a board game, reading, listening to podcasts, leave some time in your day for these breaks as a means of refuelling. Don’t pressure yourself into being productive every single day, these are hard times on your mental health, take it day by day.

Are you looking for Support?

Don't be afraid to ask for help!

As always, JMC is still here to support you through every step of your journey as a student with us. We still have academic support and counselling services available to you when you need them.

To ensure all of our students have access to counselling when they need it, our counselling service is now available remotely. Counselling sessions can take place via phone or secure video. If your local campus counsellor is not available, we have expanded our service so that all counsellors can be booked by any student nationally regardless of your location. 

The Academic Support Officers can help you in the same ways they always have. They are available to support you with your assessment tasks, writing and editing, time management, advice on setting up a suitable workstation for remote learning and much more. This can be done via email, Blue Jeans or over the phone. Just contact us via email to make arrangements.

JMC Academy has also recently signed up with TalkCampus - the leading global peer support network specifically for student mental health. Download the TalkCampus App for free 24/7 instant online support for your mental health. There are anonymous, safe spaces where people feel able to share, no waiting times, no stigma, no judgement - just instant, ongoing support. Register with your JMC Academy email for completely free access.

If you or someone close to you is struggling with their mental health, JMC Academy encourages you to speak up and seek help from the following resources:

Beyond Blue: 1300 224 636

Lifeline: 13 11 14

Suicide Call Back: 1300 659 467

Headspace: 1800 650 890

Support Act: 1800 959 500

Stay Active

Being able to get outside for a walk is one of the closest things to luxury available at the moment, use this time to clear your head and inhale some fresh air before you start your day. Keep to a  routine and separate your work and leisure stations within the house to minimise any overwhelming feelings. Stick to a balanced diet to keep your energy up and reward yourself with that fancy UberEats delivery in moderation. Find another space in the house that will allow for home workouts, put your milk or juice bottles to good use as weights, beach towels as yoga mats and YouTube as your instructor, there is plenty of home work out videos to try out. Being active will release all those feel-good chemicals into your brain and keep you and your brain fit as a fiddle. 

Stay Active

Stay Connected

Being in isolation for many has changed the way we are staying connected to our family and friends from a safe distance. Thanks to the abundance of options that the internet has to offer, there is no shortage of ways to continue catching up with your friends and having family debates. Use the Houseparty mobile app to video chat and play games, use your Zoom account and have your Friday night beers or create your own friends and family Kahoot trivia game to keep the night fun. If you’re not feeling comfortable in front of the camera, bring back the original use of the telephone and get back into calling friends and family, a familiar voice may be just what you need to get through the day.

Keep your future excitement alive

Something that may not feel too real at the moment, but is a sure thing in our future is the end of COVID-19 and the ability to roam the streets freely once again. Decide on what you are excited about, come the end of this chapter and start planning. If you’re excited to start playing gigs, start practising a new setlist, if you love planning events, write out a plan of attack for your comeback event, gamers get excited about trying out all your new projects together again.

We understand that this time can be difficult for some, but we want to remind you that the current situation is only temporary and we can't wait to see you back on campus again when the time comes.

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