Your future, your way, your JMC, your Open Day 2023!

With so many showcases, info sessions and activities to see and do around campus this Saturday, we’ve compiled our insider’s list of top attractions so that you can make the most of your day at JMC Sydney’s Open Day!










Start off your day with a free coffee, donut and a chat with the HODs.

Nothing says power👏moves👏 quite like the simultaneous consumption of information and caffeine (a classic combo for any student). Channel your gastronomical Chief Wiggum this Open Day before heading up to the Auditorium for a panel discussion with our expert Heads of Department about life at JMC Sydney. 

Jump into a recording session in one of our state of the art audio studios!

Thinking of studying music or audio at JMC? Why not jump the gun and start learning the ropes of the stu’ this weekend? We’ll have a full deck of JMC sound engineers on the ground to answer all of your questions and give you a jumpstart on the way to your first record.

Test your composure with a free acting workshop.

The look(s) on your face? Priceless. Our JMC actors are super excited to be leading a round of acting workshops this weekend for anyone interested in pursuing the dramatic arts!

Catch all the ACTION at our live film set

Annnnnnnd ACTION! Annnd CUT! Stay here all day for the most action (or recitations of the word at least) you’ve ever witnessed. Lights, cameras, and of course, action. It’s all here on set this Open Day. 

Strike a deal in our Creative Management hub!

See the best in the biz for a chat about a future in the biz. What biz? Why, showbiz baby! If you’ve ever wondered what it takes to manage the world’s biggest bands, plan the biggest film festivals or tour the craziest circus troupe, then this is the room for you!

Design and then re-design a design at our Design Making Workshop.

You may ask, what exactly are we designing? Well… we’re not telling you! That would ruin the surprise. BUT one thing is certain- it’s designer.

Enjoy some nachos at a motion capture demo.

Or enjoy some nachos at an Animation Showreel Screening… or at a Gaming Arcade… or a DJ Set? The point is, there is something for everyone at JMC’s Open Day this weekend. Just  make sure to have the best time and enjoy some nachos on us, ok?

Want to experience Open Day for yourself?