“I never thought I’d ever make a career from games.”

If there was one piece of advice that JMC gaming and animation graduate Jackson could impart to his former self, it would be not to stress out too much when it comes to studying something you’re passionate about. In his own words, “this is one of the coolest things you’ll ever get to do. You should look forward to it”.

Since graduating in 2020, Jackson has already made a splash in the world of games design. His current role as a 3D Environment Artist for one particular indie games company based in Amsterdam (flex), has him performing daily tasks such as transforming 2D concept art into three-dimensional virtual spaces and blocking out the levels for gameplay.

So what is it about the art of game design that has Jackson so captivated? “I think the thing that draws me towards games is the unique way you can tell a story through an involved interaction. That’s so unique to games”. Through the games that he creates, Jackson becomes the artist, the designer, the storyteller and the facilitator of unprecedented creative exchange, which is afforded on both intra and interpersonal levels via the medium of gaming tech.

Name a cooler way to connect with other humans. Oh wait, you can’t.

What are some of the skills needed to design games? Jackson credits JMC for his technical abilities. Texturing, 3D modelling, assembling a virtual environment… but that’s not all. At JMC, Jackson also learned the crucial soft skills required in his daily work. We’re talking skills such as “how to collaborate in a team, or how to take an idea and develop it”.

Clearly there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to game design and animation, but as Jackson continues to ‘level up’, we’re confident that he is expertly equipped to handle any opponent that may cross his path.

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