While all our animation and game students have the opportunity to explore manga and anime as part of their courses, a select group of 20 JMC students recently got to ‘level up’ by spending 2 weeks in the home of manga and anime.

Students participated in classes at Tokyo Design Technology Centre and Osaka Animation College. They also visited the Osamu Tezuka Manga and Kyoto Manga Museums, as well as other tourist attractions. 

Pictured: Anime Characters Printed

Ben Pangrazio, a JMC Game Design student, applied for the tour because he wanted to experience Japanese culture and get a closer look at their games industry and workforce. 

The tour gave him a bunch of creative input as well, saying, "A highlight was definitely going to Nara Park in Osaka and feeding deer." The visit inspired him and others on the trip. "For our major project at JMC, a team of us are making a Nara Deer Park multiplayer game."

Animation student Summer Lamy found the tour a real eye-opener to the industry and appreciated being able to question people who actually work in the manga industry in Japan. She found the rules around manga art fascinating.

"When I got back to Australia I decided to experiment with my own art style. I took a drawing that I made and reinterpreted it using the rules that Japanese manga artists use. I also took it a step further and studied more traditional Japanese prints with wood blocks and things like that and have reinterpreted my art in those styles too."
Animation student, Summer Lamy

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Kim Edwards, Head of Animation and Games (Melbourne), says, "In Australia, we can tend to be a bit myopic and only look towards Europe and the US, but we are part of Asia. There’s a real culture amongst students who are looking towards Japan for cultural reasons, and who want to be informed by some of that culture and understand that industry."

"Study tours are significant. I think it’s a fundamental milestone for all the students that go overseas, one that they’ll always remember."

We’ll be going back in 2019! Applications for the 2019 Japan Tour are opening soon. 

Ben says, "I think you’ll get a lot out of it. Just go for it!"

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