Sydney’s Audio Engineering Head Lecturer, Kylie Whitney, has celebrated the new year with a bang with the release of the single ‘Champagne’ with her Americana style country band ‘The April Family’.

Kylie is the lead vocalist in the Sydney based trio that was established in 2015. ‘Champagne’ is a playfully bitter song in which Kylie soulfully moves around the mix of guitar, banjo, acoustic guitar, drums and upright bass, provided by bandmates Casey Atkins and Michael Carpenter.

The whole track is framed by the effortless 3-part harmonies that have become so fundamental to their evolving sound and further reinforces the variety of the growth of the band since their debut album 'What We Know Now' in mid-2017.

Want to get to know the JMC Team?

Kylie and co. formed 'The April Family' in 2015, developing a unique sound that fuses classic country with the timeless colours of West Coast American Country Rock. Since then, they have been building up a name and solid body of work, including a unique series of music videos to accompany their first album and single releases.

With the second album titled ‘House of Cards’ currently in production that was inspired by their live performance experiences, we can’t wait to hear more from Kylie, Casey and Michael. 

Pictured: Michael Carpenter, Kylie Whitney, Casey Atkins (Left to Right)

JMC Academy would like to congratulate Kylie and 'The April Family' on their new single and upcoming album. There is nothing we love more than to see part of the JMC family achieving success in the industry! 

Listen to "Champagne" Check out "The April Family" FB Page