There is no I in Team

In case you didn't already know, JMC Academy courses have been uniquely designed to offer practical assessments that require integrated input between students from different departments to achieve a final result!

HeroImage.jpgThrough these integrated projects students are able to gain hands-on experience for how the real industry operates. They obtain an understanding of the workings and importance an integrated network of promoters, distributors, producers and buyers play; and the impact they have on their own financial success. Invaluable when beginning a professional career in their chosen field! 

Featured here is an integration project between Popular Music and Performance, and Digital Film and Television students. Dressed in fantastic Alice in Wonderland Theme, they were collaborating to shoot a music video clip. 

Looks great. We can't wait to see the final result!

Want to turn your passion for music or film into a real career? June Intake is now open. 

Photos taken on June 1, 2011
JMC Academy Sydney 
2nd Year Student Integration Project 
Department Head: David Bell