The best ways to find out everything you need to know about a University or College.

With so many choices, picking somewhere to study is no easy feat. It should involve a lot of thought, consideration and research. Websites are normally the first place to look, but what if you want to delve deeper?

We’ve put together some of the best ways you can really find out more about your study options.

How to pick the right course to study for you.

Graduate Stories

Nothing says the success of a school like it’s graduates. When an institute takes interest in the goings on of their graduates, you know that they care about a student's welfare the whole way through the process and out into the industry. Also look into how the graduates say they got their opportunities. Many JMC graduates gain post-study work directly as a result of lecturer connections or work placements made available through JMC which can make all the difference when building a creative career. 

Open Days

Open Days are a perfect way to explore and get a vibe of the campus, meet your potential lecturers as well as current students, and find out more about the institute. There are often an abundance of activities happening demonstrating each aspect of the courses. For instance, at JMC Academy you can find video games to play made by our Game Development students, watch live studio recordings in our Audio Engineering suites and join in interactive spaces with our Digital Design course. This can help provide you with a fun way to explore the institute and its courses, bringing along your family or friends for the day! You can register for JMC Academy's Open Day here. 

Information Sessions/ Private Tours


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If you want to see the campus in action, while all the students are busy working, then private tours and information sessions are a great way to ‘people watch’ what the next few years of your life could look like.  As you wander around JMC on a campus tour, you will often see the musicians and audio engineers in the studios or the film students fiddling with cameras in the TV studio, giving you a great insight into the inner workings of the courses.


Many institutes such as JMC Academy provide industry or High School Work Shops that provide a taster for many of the courses. These workshops allow you to explore how the courses would be taught as well as the content you would be learning. Furthermore, it can be a great way to add further content to your CV when applying to the specific courses or institutes. It shows you are passionate enough to get involved before even attending the course. 

Other Events

Take a look at all of the events that your potential university or college is hosting to gain an insight into the types of opportunities made available to the students as well as the connections that the institute has. As integration is such a prominent part of the JMC Academy mantra, we often host events perfect for involving many of our courses. Live music events enable Music and Songwriting students to perform, Audio Engineering students to gain industry practice, Entertainment Business Management students to arrange and Film & TV Production students to build portfolios of work. Inviting prominent industry professionals to host workshops, such as N.W.A member the D.O.C or Death Row Records Audio Engineer Dave Aaron gives students the chance to learn first hand and make great industry connections. 

To find out more about JMC Academy and the courses available, come along to our Open Days!

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Alternatively, Enquire now to talk directly to our student recruitment advisors who can talk you through the best pathway for your creative industries journey. 

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