Make It With JMC: Radio Ad

JMC Academy is excited to announce its brand new integration initiative, “Make it with JMC” encouraging students from all the different departments to work together on collaborative projects in real world experiences.

We caught up with Entertainment Business Management student, George Kostopoulus & Audio Engineering and Sound Production student, Jye Hannan who worked on the first “Make it with JMC” radio advertisement project alongside Contemporary Music and Performance students, Lauren Valatiadis and Mick Hambly. Their commercial is now playing live across a multiple of Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney radio stations including The Edge 96.1 & Kiss 106.5.

How did this project integrate a multiple of courses at JMC Academy?
JH: As this was a creative multimedia project, students from three of the courses offered at JMC were involved. One student managed the whole project, two were responsible for writing and performing the music and voice over and I recorded and mixed the final product. Working with students from other courses is important because it is creatively stimulating and allows everyone to approach the same task from different perspectives.  

GK: The integration of multiple courses offered by JMC Academy, allowed myself as a student to gather a wide understanding of how different individuals operate in the entertainment industry, especially as a current Management student. This was important due to the different projects that will require me to either work with musicians, audio technicians, marketing or even a video production team where the JMC Academy “Make It with JMC” radio commercial project allowed me to partake in.

What were some of the challenges faced whilst doing the project?
GK: A variety of different challenges can be faced whilst managing a project, sometimes you need to be direct with people where they may take it personally but as a manager your role is to overlook the entire project for the client. Some definite challenges included coordinating everyone’s schedules and catering to everyone’s needs. Sometimes certain tasks can’t be achieved in certain timeframes and having communication with your team is important to then carry that message on to your client so that they understand and have no surprises when the final project is delivered.

JH: The main challenge that I faced was the short time schedule of the project, however with management provided by George everything came together in the end. 

What was your favourite part about doing the project?

GK: I thoroughly enjoyed working in the studio and seeing the project slowly come together with Jye our Audio Technician and Mick and Lauren, our voice over/musician artists, coordinating together and quickly developing a script or backing tracks. Its great seeing everyone’s passions come together on a project and reach their full potential.

JH: My favourite part of the project was after finishing all the recordings sitting in the studio and mixing the final product.

What was learnt whilst doing the project?
GK: Definitely meeting a client’s standard on such a crucial project that would affect their marketing campaign which operates in a competitive business, especially having to make adjustments the day before the deadline. 

JH: The project was in an area of my industry that I had not considered working in and hence I learnt a great deal about radio and advertisement.

What do you want to be “when you grow up” /finish course?

GK: This industry is so wide in opportunities and what you can be in life, though id definitely like to be in large scale events.

JH: When I finish my course ideally I'd love to work in a studio recording and mixing for artists of all genres.


Look out for more projects as part of the 'Make it with JMC' initiative or contact Hannah Klomp directly to find out how you could be involved.

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