Composed About Success

Jess Dunbar, 19, has heard all the horror stories about the precarious life of a musician. None of them have stopped her from pursuing her dreams.

The Chipping Norton singer and songwriter has been given the boost she needs by receiving a scholarship to study at entertainment institute, JMC Academy. "I love the course it's exactly what I wanted to do. I'm performing all the time and getting to do what I love every single day" Dunbar said.

"Playing with such talented musicians every day and soaking up the industry will really inspire me to compose music that is not of the norm." Dunbar's unique acoustic sounds has turned industry heads with Triple Js Unearthed team listing her as an artist to watch. "I've been performing for about 12 years now," Dunbar said. "My mum use to sing and she put me in to singing lessons when I was young, at first I didn't want to do it. 

"Then four or five years ago my pop found a guitar on the side of the road and I got it fixed up and learnt how to play. My pop is very musical as well, so I guess I come from a musical family."

Dunbar can be found performing her own songs around Sydney as a solo artist or as lead guitarist in local band 'Tragedy in Toyland'.

"I am going to try and get as much work as I can to develop a solid fan base," Dunbar said. She will next appear at the Evening Star Hotel at Surry Hills on Friday, October 1.

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