Bolin Entertains with a Hollywood Verge Film Festival Nominated Animation

Graduating from JMC Academy with a Bachelor Degree in Film & Television Production back in 2017, Matt Bolin has gotten creative with his latest short film release!


Now an independent freelance filmmaker, actor and presenter, Matt Bolin started his film career as early as 2010 when he first began studying at the age of 18. Since then, Matt has developed a range of skills during his time as both director and producer in front of and behind the camera, even trying his luck as a radio presenter in the community radio scene to give his resume a bit of flare. 

Developing his own style and outlook as a filmmaker, Matt's creations focus in on his belief that production requires a look into the bigger picture, the need to think outside of the box whilst remaining authentic allows us a glimpse into his realistic procedures. In 2018, Matt founded Bolin Entertainment, a production company aimed at providing an alternative to classic content for viewers feeling displaced with the current media available. 

Introducing his latest project. The Adventures of Wolfdogg and the Three Little Pig’s is an adult comedy animation adaptation of a classic fairytale told for generations. Teaming up with another FTV Alumni Jack Lineham, the duo are credited for writing, co-producing, directing, casting and narrating the film. So far, it has  screened around the world and won numerous awards and mentions in Hollywood including: 

  • Nominated for Best Animated Film at The Hollywood Verge Film Festival
  • Winner of the Silver Award at The International Independent Film Awards 
  • Winner of The Award of Merit at Best Shorts Film Competition
  • Special Mention at the Lift Off Film Festival
  • LA Accolade Global Film Competition Award for Animation Recognition, Webisode Recognition and Humour Recognition
  • Honorable Mention Award at One Reeler Short Film Competition
  • It has also been screened at the New York International Reel Film Festival and the South African Independent Film Festival!

A huge congratlations to Matt and Jack for their work and recognition on this project, we are always so excited to be sharing our Alumni's work with our JMC Community.


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