AACTA Award Winner on Working in the Animation and VFX Industry

Managing 2 of our Animation graduates, JMC Lecturer Pauline Piper recently worked on Blockbuster movie ‘Ghostbusters’ with the Animation and VFX company Iloura. 


We recently caught up with her to discuss her career highlights of working in the industry, apart from the obvious ( working beside Liam Hemsworth).  

“It was great fun creating a hero ghost in the film. During the effects development we would have many esoteric conversations with our CG supervisor and technical directors about the physics of our metaphysical creature. How do ghosts behave? Do they cast reflections? Is there any resistance when they travel through walls? How does their vapour trail behave when static? After months of Houdini FX animation and Nuke compositing we nailed an impressively realistic look for ghost.”

We recently sat down with Animation and FVX company Iloura to talk about their work on Blockbuster films such as Ghostbusters and Ted, as well as the famous Game of Thrones 'Battle of the Bastards'. Read the interview here. 

Pauline has worked on many exciting projects prior to and during her time teaching here at JMC Academy. She described winning the AACTA award for short animation ‘A Cautionary Tail’ starring Cate Blanchett as a career highlight. 

“It was fun holding the Oscar when the Happy Feet team brought it back from the Academy Awards. It was a huge sense of achievement for the entire team at Animal Logic. Watching the Dark Knight premiere in London with Framestore VFX supervisor Tim Webber was another very special moment. The entire crew worked passionately on Chris Nolan's cult classic.”

When asked about meeting the stars of recent release ‘Ghostbusters’, Pauline described how; “Working in visual effects means hours, days and months working on shots with the film's stars but it's rare to get an opportunity to meet them during post production. However, I'm not complaining about reviewing shots with Chris Hemsworth over and over again.”

On teaching Professional Development and supervising students major projects, Pauline explained how “It's exciting to share knowledge and industry contacts with talented graduating students to help them gain jobs in the industry.”

My advice to Animation students?

“Use your creative talent and passion to create an outstanding short film which you can use as a calling card for getting a job in the industry.”

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