X-Factor shows Ross the way to the top

X Factor Top 10 contestant and JMC Academy Student, Ross Pirelli, was featured in The Telegraph, discussing his experience on the show and how his Degree helped to give him the performance and business skills necessary to succeed in the competition. 

xfactor.gifThe article explains what Pirelli learnt in the early days of his Contemporary Music Performance studies, helped him to stay focused and give him some useful background.

‘‘Because the music students at JMC are also taught about the importance of understanding and collaborating in areas associated with music like audio, screen media, and music business, I was definitely able to use my knowledge in these areas during the X-Factor experience,’’ he says.

‘‘From talking to the guys in X-Factor’s audio production team to reviewing contract and copyright terms, I was actually surprised at how transferable and relevant what I have been learning at JMC is.’’

While delighted by the experience, Pirrelli and his fellow band members haven’t been carried away by their television success. ‘‘We have our feet firmly planted,’’ he explained. ‘‘We will continue to make music, and I will definitely continue to study at JMC Academy. If anything, this experience has inspired me to value and appreciate the remaining two years of study. It takes a lot more than sheer talent to be a long-term success in this industry.’

After taking a gap year, Pirelli enrolled in Contemporary Music Performance and is now gaining a well-rounded insight into the industry he’s so passionate about. ‘‘After looking at other colleges and attending an open day, it became obvious to me that JMC had a unique vibe unlike any of the other campuses I had visited,’’ he says. ‘‘The students seemed so passionate about the course and their teachers. I loved that JMC catered for a wider range of instruments and music genres, not just classical or rock.’’

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