Meet Quimn Hermoso, a recent JMC Academy grad from the Philippines with a killer passion for audio engineering. Growing up in a music-loving family, Quimn knew she wanted to be part of the audio world from a young age. Her journey from Manila to Melbourne is all about chasing dreams, overcoming obstacles, and finding her rhythm.

Check out her story to see how JMC helped her turn her love for music into an awesome career.

The Audio Kid


Music has always been the rhythm that keeps me going. It is my passion and reason for breathing. From growing up to a family who loves and makes music (yes, my late father was a music composer of infamous tracks back home); buying albums in various formats, listening to it on a daily; playing instruments and writing compositions; creating playlists and mixtapes; watching gigs, concerts, musicals; to digging deep on the technical. And yup, I hear music in everything I see.

The burning desire to be part of the music and audio industry began back in 6th grade – I had my first concert experience (as an audience!). I can vividly remember how my eyes were beaming with array of technical equipment, how my mind was screaming with curiosity on the technical workflow and audio signal flow, how my heart was pounding with every note blasted on the speakers, and how my brain was zooming in every movement it could possibly grasp. That was the day it hit me. From that moment, I knew, ‘I want to be part of that world!’.

But it wasn’t rainbows and butterflies. I wasn’t given the opportunity on a silver platter. I had to work my way through various reroutes. Struggles build character, right? I had my first bachelor's degree in development communication back home in the Philippines (St Scholastica’s College, Manila). And have worked in the Events Industry as an Events & Project Manager for numerous companies catering to local and international clients such as British Embassy Manila, FOX, Disney Southeast Asia, HBO Asia, Coca-Cola, and Shell Philippines to name a few. These ranges from ATL, BTL, corporate, trade, lifestyle, and concerts wherein planning the technical component and setup were part of the job. I would go to bump ins, rehearsals, and even the actual event proper, focused on management and logistics. But I would always have an extra eye for detail on the audio side of things. I would ask Audio Engineers and members of the technical team about bits and pieces of their know-hows. I dipped my toes on equipment run throughs. I kept it close in hindsight. So near, yet so far, wasn’t it?


Up a Notch

It is one thing to dream but another to want it so badly, make a move, and make things happen. So, by mid-2019, I decided to pursue a degree in Audio. I researched various institutions and curriculums that would fit the knowledge and skillset I wanted to gain. I certainly had no idea which type of course I should look for. But the introvert in me knew I wanted to be behind the mixing desk. Believe me when I say that there were heaps of options to choose from (e.g. Bachelor of Audio Production, Music Production, Music Major in Audio; Diploma in Audio Recording Technology, etc.). After weeks of sourcing and jumping from one UNI website to another, I stumbled upon my top two (2) prospect institutions. I then sent formal email inquiry, checked several reviews and ratings, and deep dived into their detailed course outline and study duration.


And voilà, I was down to my top choice, JMC Academy. Curious enough about why I chose them?

  1. There course outline was constructive and smart;

  2. They offered practical and hands-on engagement (does not focus on theory alone);

  3. JMC was equipped with experienced mentors and professionals from the Audio and Music Industry;

  4. People spoke highly of the institution and their capabilities – thru reviews, ratings alumni testimonials;

  5. JMC offered up-to date and industry standard equipment and facilities; 

  6. JMC carried artist and creative centric VIBE – offered a safe space for self- expression, and practiced creative freedom while ensuring high standards and growth.

In 2020, after the rigorous hunt, I had to choose which JMC campus to apply for: Melbourne, Brisbane, or Sydney. It was a no brainer for me. Melbourne was the only way to go! Why? Because it is the heart of the arts and music industry in Australia. Then I applied for a scholarship. It was a leap of faith! Uncertain if I would get in, I jumped scared and submitted all the requirements and went through intensive interviews. Without any plan Bs, I just crossed my fingers (and toes too!) and hoped for the best. I told myself if I won’t make it to the cut, then it was never meant to be. Then the long wait was over, the cat was out of the bag. I was ready for the rejection. But thank God it was in my favor! I officially got in!

Rthym and Flow

My experience at JMC built the person, the artist, and the audio professional that I am today. It built an audio engineer who knows how to manage their time, skills, and resources in different conditions and environments (plus the holy grail: SIGNAL FLOW. haha!). It molded an artist who uses adversities and pain into crafting something exquisite and meaningful. It honed a person who knows how to treat people with respect and kindness (being kind is always better than being right). Because a day at JMC doesn’t end with learning about theories and beefing up skills. It goes beyond software and mixing desks. It transcends cultural, racial, and gender differences. (And yes, I was a minority in a course and industry dominated by men. But managed to fit in and be one with them).

It gives everyone an opportunity to showcase their artistry. Mentors (like Richie Poate, David Lauritsen, and many more) didn’t treat us as students. They embraced us as co-artists and let us bloom at our own phase, at our preferred niche whilst hammering the significance of high-quality output. Because “everything worth doing, is worth doing well!”


Our classes let us showcase ideas and turn them into reality. Mentors let us discover our own way of doing things. They never restricted us to one-right way. Instead, they let us figure out what works for us and let us bloom from it. They let us make mistakes and learn from them. For example, one of our classes led by Christopher Wiseman (Sound Design and Aesthetics) required us to do a portfolio of our compositions. He never dictated us to do ‘this and that’. But he equipped us with all the tools and resources we could use to craft our own masterpiece guided by existing industry facts and standards. They let us go with our own rhythm and flow and be our own creative self while continuously watching over us and helping us in case we miss a turn or direction. And that safe space and sense of community/family was one of the big factors we survived Uni alongside with the twists and turns of life.

Furthermore, they gave us real-world opportunities. I was lucky enough to be an Audio Intern in three prestigious institutions: St Jerome’s Laneway Festival (Music Festival), NEP Australia (Broadcast), and The Base (Recording Studio). This gave me the privilege of working and learning from Audio professionals who already made it in the industry. It gave me a glimpse of the career path I may opt to choose after Uni. I would lie if I said, it was all smooth sailing. There were wrenches of belittlement and discrimination, for someone who came in as an international student and a woman, in an audio world filled with men. But it made me do the grind and pushed beyond my limits to prove that I can do it. And maybe in time and with more work experience, be better.

  1. Laneway Festival 2023

  2. NEP Australia (Broadcast)

  3. The Base (Recording Studio)

Real-Life Audio. Lifetime Audio Kid

Still keeping up with the narrative? Haha! Fast-forward. I have finished my degree!

I am currently working as an AV Tech for Insight Systems doing internal and external events for RMIT University Melbourne.

Everything I’ve learned with my time at JMC has been an instrument that led to my current audio journey. And the best part is, it led me to lifetime mentors and brothers both in life and audio industry. There is still so much to learn and improve on. And far bigger dreams to fulfill in the future such as being a Live Audio Engineer for concerts and music festivals, creating musical scores, crafting sound design, and composing soundtracks for film. But no one knows what the future holds but the JMC standards I’ll always uphold.

To future Audio kids, I hope you’ll take that chance to follow your own beat. No matter how hard and long it gets, work your way through the waves (legends aren’t built overnight. They age with struggles and experience like a fine wine) and let the symphony in your head move the strings of your dreams. Who knows that masterpiece of yours might be someone else’s soundtrack to their own fleet.


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