Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! It’s JMC’s May Open Day coming in to land for 2024!

These ever-wonderful events are a celebration of creation in all its many forms! We can’t wait to show you around our campuses and want to make sure you get to experience the absolute BEST of JMC’s vibrant culture and community.  


To do that, we’ve made a list of must-see's and do’s around the country for our Melbourne and Sydney Open Days on May 11 and our Brisbane Open Day on May 18. Check it out below and see you there! 


Get a tour of campus! 


The quintessential part of any JMC Open Day, our Campus Tours are your express guide to all the best nooks and crannies on the map. Running all throughout the day, let our student guides show you around our state-of-the-art facilities and learning spaces where creativity flourishes all year long. 

Attend a JMC Panel 

Get your insights straight from the experts themselves, our JMC Panel discussions bring together some of the brightest minds from esteemed JMC alumni and faculty members (who walk the talk when it comes to the advice they have to share!). Hear first-hand about what it’s like to live and work as a creative professional and what life is like studying at JMC. 


Attending a panel discussion may help you to refine your plan for the rest of your time visiting JMC- and maybe even your future in the Creative Industries! 

Explore your favourite creative niche! 


Whether you’re a film enthusiast, musician extraordinaire, gamer or actor, Open Day has a wide range of showcases, workshops and activities to highlight each of our outstanding course areas. Consult your Open Day program or take a chance by following your feet on the day- you choose-your-own adventure at our May Open Day.


Have breakfast with us in Melbourne! 


With a city that’s world renowned for its incredible coffee culture, we couldn’t resist the opportunity to switch things up a little at our Melbourne open campus event. Come along to our Park Street campus early to enjoy a complimentary range of sweet and savory breakfast options and get VIP access to some of our Creative Industries experts, before heading off to explore everything JMC has to offer!  


We’ll keep you sustained all day long! 


Keep your energy levels up across all our campuses with complimentary tea, coffee and nibbles. From nachos cups to macarons, donuts and cupcakes (plus all the delicious dining options located near all of our campuses), there will be no rumbling bellies to detract from the day’s enjoyment.

We will also have Quiet Spaces set up around all of our campuses for anyone in need of some downtime throughout the day. Check your city’s Open Day program for more details!

Don’t forget to visit our Admissions Lounge! 

If you find that JMC has captured your heart (an imagination!) by the end of your visit to Open Day, don’t forget to drop by our Admissions Lounge to discuss what requirements you may need to start your journey to your dream creative career! Our friendly admissions staff will talk you through the steps to take towards studying with us at JMC. 

For more information about JMC’s May Open Days, visit our Events page!