We are thrilled to announce a significant milestone for JMC Academy as we streamline our admissions process for Queensland Year 12 students. Starting this year, JMC Academy will be participating in the Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre (QTAC) system for the 2025 February intake at our Brisbane campus. This development marks a new chapter in our commitment to providing a more accessible and seamless application experience for aspiring students wanting to study at Australia’s leading creative industries education institution.

What is QTAC? 

The Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre (QTAC) administers the application and offer process for tertiary courses across leading higher education providers in Queensland and Northern New South Wales.

What Does This Mean for Our Future Students? 

By joining QTAC, JMC Academy aims to simplify the application process for domestic Queensland Year 12 students. QTAC serves as a centralised platform, allowing applicants to include JMC Academy Brisbane in their QTAC preferences, making it easier than ever to embark on a creative journey with us.

If you're not a domestic Queensland year 12 student looking to study at our Brisbane campus in our main February intake, this change does not affect you and you must apply via JMC.

Ease of Access
Streamlined Applications
Centralised Information

Join Us in 2025! 

We invite all Queensland Year 12 students to consider JMC Academy Brisbane as part of their academic journey. With our inclusion in the QTAC system, applying to JMC Academy Brisbane has never been easier. Whether you aspire to be a filmmaker, musician, performer, game designer, or audio engineer, JMC Academy Brisbane is here to support your dreams and help you launch a career in the creative industries.

Early Entry 2025

JMC Academy are proud to be continuing our Early Entry program for 2025 allowing Year 12 students in Queensland to secure their place at JMC, before they sit their final exams. Through our Early Entry Program, Year 12 students in Queensland can attend their interview/audition for the creative course of their choice with the opportunity to receive a conditional offer for our February 2025 intake. Early Entry opens soon.

Key Dates 

QTAC applications are expected to open early August 2024. Stay tuned for more updates on the QTAC application process and when announced, the key dates will be available.

More Information 

For more information on our courses and the QTAC application process, please visit our QTAC guidelines and the QTAC website.  

For any questions, please contact our Brisbane Student Admissions team. 
07 3360 4500 

I've already applied via the JMC website, do I need to do anything?

We are still processing all JMC website applications and will be in touch. In this instance, don't forget to list JMC Academy as your first preference in your QTAC submission when applications open. 

Can I still apply directly via the JMC website?

For those looking to start studying in February, you may submit an application directly via the JMC website, this will allow us to attend to other areas of your application sooner such as the interview/audition and help ensure your QTAC application is correct for study at JMC. Please note, you will still be required to submit an application via QTAC when it opens.  

Apply via JMC

Why Choose JMC Academy Brisbane? 

JMC Academy is renowned for its industry-focused courses in the creative arts, offering a dynamic learning environment that nurtures talent and fosters creativity. With a wide range of programs across music, film, acting, animation, game design, audio engineering, and entertainment business management, our students gain hands-on experience and industry connections that prepare them for successful careers in the creative industries.

About JMC Academy 

Established in 1982, JMC Academy is one of Australia's leading creative institutions, offering state-of-the-art facilities and a vibrant learning environment. Our alumni are celebrated for their achievements in the creative industries, both nationally and internationally. 

Join us at JMC Academy Brisbane, where creativity knows no bounds!