Working in Entertainment Management: Breaking the Stereotypes

Whether you’re planning on managing artists, events or tours, there are often stereotypes and rumours about working in the industry. We have spoken to some of our tutors here at JMC Academy, who are all professionals working in the industry, to find out the truth once and for all. ent.jpg

Stereotype #1: There are no women in the industry


Colin Seeger, JMC Academy Entertainment Business Management (ENT) Tutor argues that in a few years, he believes women will be the majority, at least in the rights and business management sectors of the industry. 

Head of the ENT course in Sydney, Pat Maloney agrees “there are tonnes of roles available, especially in events management and marketing, artist management and A&R. In fact, because women can often be more organized and more structured in their work, the industry is now burgeoning with the female population.”

Stereotype #2: The Industry is glamorous and easy work


“Hours are long, and often late, and most of the work in the entertainment industry is performed behind the scenes” Lecturer Fiona Maynard explains. The people that best succeed in the industry are the ones that are willing to work hard. 

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Stereotype #3: There aren’t many jobs in the industry for graduates


Most work in the industry is self generated by entrepreneurs – there is always work and jobs to be done, it is a matter of linking in. Tutor Ian Hunter describes how “A good degree will get you the job before having a passion for the business” 

Stereotype #4: Strong people skills are a must-have


Not only do strong people skills help you manage staff and artists well, but it is vital when networking to build your connections.  

Ian hunter advises that “The entertainment industry thrives on passion and a positive can-do approach. You don’t just need to think like that, you need to exude it as well.”

To succeed in this industry, it is common knowledge that you need the essential skills that we teach in our Entertainment Business Management course, and a hard working attitude. 

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