Working as a weekend operator for Channel 7

Graduating from Film and Television Production in 2015, Luke Nicolaou is now working as the weekend camera operator at Channel 7. 


 Tell me about what you currently do at Channel Seven?

I am a weekend camera operator with Channel 7, which means I work four days over the end of the week covering mainly sports and community events, but any breaking news stories as well.

What has been the highlight of working at Channel Seven so far?

For me, the highlight of the job is the variety of people you get to meet. I've had the opportunity to meet a range of sporting heroes and VIPs from Petero Civoniceva to the former Prime Minister, Tony Abbot.

What did you find that you weren’t aware of before watching the behind the scenes workings?

When I started work, I expected it to be a lot like the film Nightcrawler, meaning hyper competitive and cut-throat even within your own team. However, the team is very focused and it's a very friendly atmosphere as everyone wants to achieve the best. There is still rivalry between the other networks, but you find you're often covering similar stories, which pushes you to be creative and do something better.

How did you get this position at Channel Seven News?

I found the job posted on Seek.com. I had actually noticed the posting while I was still studying, but I didn't want to drop out so close to the end. When the job came up again in May, I jumped at the chance, even though it required me to move away from Brisbane and my friends.

What advice would you give to current students currently studying FTV and wanting to get an opportunity like this?

I would recommend this only to people highly interested in pursuing a career behind the camera, as it's a quite demanding job, and requires a high degree of technical knowledge and you're often working independently to a tight schedule. The best way to find an opportunity like this is to keep an eye out on Seek, as jobs are regularly posted there. It's unlikely you will be able to start working in an area like Brisbane, but if you're willing to travel or work in the regional areas and work your way up the ranks, you will have a much greater chance!

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