Why Studying Music has so Many Benefits

So you’ve thought long and hard about what your correct career path is and you’re thinking maybe accounting isn’t for you. You might be OK at crunching numbers, but it’s definitely not your passion. You’re so used to seeing everyone else take the ‘normal’ route and go on to study marketing or engineering but you find yourself always thinking about just one thing: music.

Luckily, you have found a college that offers music as an accredited course, but you’re still unsure about what you can get out of it that you can’t get out of just hitting the road and learning yourself. The answer is: LOTS!

We have put together a list of the top 5 benefits of actually studying your passion: MUSIC!

Learning with like minded people

If you’ve taken the plunge to study music, you’re going to be in a class with people who have taken the exact same plunge. These other students, just like you, have chosen to study their passion in a not only creative, but educational environment. Think of the collaborations, mixing of genres, brainstorming and jam sessions that you will be a part of during your time spent mastering your craft!

Get a masterclass from professionals 

The lecturers we have hand-picked to teach music at JMC have done and seen it all. They are music industry professionals and have endless amounts of wisdom and advice that they cannot wait to pass on to the next generation of stars (YOU). Spending two years learning in an intimate class setting with these lecturers is invaluable to your career, not to mention will be your first link to the industry.

My favourite part of studying at JMC was the passion and love for music and watching my lecturers face light up when he was sharing something dear to him. – Saffire Fletcher, Audio Alumni

Learn the business to go along with your talent

It’s one thing to have the talent, it’s a whole other thing to know how to control the business side of it. Studying music will teach you the intricate details of music business to ensure you and your career and protected. You will learn things like negotiating contracts, creating and handling your own ABN and taxes, building and promoting your brand and much, much more. This is all knowledge that is VITAL to succeeding in the industry and could end up being the difference between achieving your dream career and not.

Collaborate with other industries 

So you’re the creative. You can write the song and perform the song, but what about recording the song? Or sending it to the relevant industry professionals? If you study music, you will be in a college filled with students and lecturers from all corners of the creative industries. You will be given the opportunity to record one of your own songs with a number of aspiring audio engineers and then have it mastered for your own use. You will also work closely with entertainment business students on their path to becoming artist managers or booking agents and begin to build important relationships that can help with your professional growth while you focus on the music.

Most importantly, master your craft

It’s not a secret that there will be things that you can only learn from hitting the road and playing live. However, studying music will allow you to explore in depth so many different types of musical styles, patterns, compositions and everything in between. You will spend time understanding aspects of musical creativity and use it to create and master your own individual style, sound and performance technique. Learning all there is to know about your passion makes you truly appreciate all aspects of music and will allow you to truly be the best artist that you can be.

“Music is so much an emotional tool, so I don’t feel like it should be looked at as all processes like you would in a maths or physics degree. Sometimes there isn’t a formula like there is in those subjects, so exploring and learning about all different aspects of music was good at JMC for those reasons.” – Mick Hambly - Contemporary Music Performance Alumni
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