Why making mistakes at school, college or uni is a good thing

Let’s be honest – everyone makes mistakes. 

Even if you get an ATAR of a million, or get 100% in all of your college assignments, everyone makes mistakes at SOME point. We’re here to tell you – that’s ok! In fact, it’s more than ok. Making mistakes can actually be a really good thing. Don’t beat yourself up too much when you’ve messed up, because here’s why you should be making mistakes right now. 

Now is the time to screw up. 

Because if it isn’t now- when is it? You have minimal responsibilities, and the support around you of your tutors and student support to help you through. 

Finding the fix

Hey – at least you’re unlikely to make this mistake again, because you’ll have found the fix! This is the best time to try out different learning techniques. Find what works best for you, so when you go out into the big old world of full time work, you’ll know your working style, and be able to absolutely nail it. 

Deal with it

You’ll grow as a person when you learn how to deal with bad situations. So you’ve messed up? Big deal. Get on with it and learn how to turn it around. Learning to find the solution and pick up the pieces can be a real self- development moment, because in the future, it might not just be your mess you have to fix. Problem solving and critical thinking are skills that can be quickly learned in situations built from mistakes. 

Try and test

If you’re studying film, make the cheesy movies that you’ve always wanted to do while you have access to free film gear. Because hey- now’s the time to test new cinematography techniques. If you’re studying Animation, make big and bizarre creatures that you might not have the time to do when you’re working full time. Because now you have the time, and no restrictions. 

If you don’t know what to do after you study, intern at a variety of different companies, doing a variety of different things. Test the water and see what might be best for you. JMC Academy’s internship program gives students the opportunity to try different roles. Just listen to Ellie-Anne Bozinekis, who’s internship showed her it really wasn’t the role for her, but led her to now work in a job she loves. 

When you finish uni, school or college, and are working full-time, mistakes just aren’t as acceptable as they are now. So trust us when we say, make your mistakes now, try and test careers out, and do something you love. 

Follow your vision, not the crowd. 

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