Where a JMC internship could get you: A graduate's story

International Entertainment Business Management graduate Etti Ekern is now opening a new office in Stockholm for Music Distribution company Ditto after gaining an internship through JMC! 

etti.jpgWe chat to her to see how this came about, and hear her advice to current EBM students. 

Etti! Tell us about what you’ve been up to since graduating! 

After graduating I started an internship with Ditto in Melbourne. I interned for them for about a year and worked another job on the side as well and I got an additional internship for Lemontree Management. At Ditto I worked with heaps of different stuff like writing blogs, royalty payouts and licensing. At Lemontree I got to learn heaps about artist management, I also did some tour management! I was really busy after graduating. 

I'm super excited about moving to Stockholm! I'm originally from Norway and I moved to Melbourne to study at JMC in 2012 so it'll be nice being closer to my family, and of course I'm incredibly excited about the new job! It has been such an amazing experience working for Ditto so far so I'm really looking forward to working for them full-time. I've always been passionate about music from where I'm from and now I get to work with just that.

How did you get these positions?

I worked really, really hard! Even before moving to Australia I started doing volunteer work at festivals and I continued doing that here in Australia. I also did internships and I had a job on the side when I was studying. The job had nothing to do with the music industry, but all experience is good experience so with the good references from all my jobs and by showing my employers I was dedicated they knew I would be a hard worker. I was also able to snap up the Ditto Music internship through JMC. 

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What are your favourite things about working in the industry?

So I work with digital distribution. At Ditto we work with heaps of different independent artists as well as independent record labels. I love the fact that I get to help people have their music heard without being signed to a major label. There are so many great and passionate musicians out there. 

How do you feel JMC helped you?

It was through JMC that I got my internship at Ditto so I've got JMC to thank for that! They also taught me a whole bunch of stuff that has been so helpful in the last few months leading up to getting this new job. I'm pretty sure I was cursing life in general when we had to do accounting, but in the end I've had to use it so even that ended up being helpful.

What were your favourite things about JMC Academy?

The lecturers, 100%. They all had so much knowledge and experience and they made my time at JMC so amazing. Simon Smith, Andrew Watt and Georgina McClements were all so inspirational and on point and they really pushed me to work really hard.  

What advice would you give to current students?

Work hard, try and do some internships, attend industry events, build up your network and be friendly to everyone you meet!

Best of luck to Etti setting up the new Stockholm branch!

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