What we learnt talking LIVE to Animation Experts

Here at JMC, we love to hear from our industry expert tutors, and even more, we love sitting them down with our students to get talking about their joint passions. livestream-blog.jpg

That’s why, we recently held a Facebook LIVE Industry panel about Animation!

We had JMC Sydney’s head of Animation Sean Callinan, 3D Animator expert and tutor Rosaline Babayan, plus Animation scholarship student Ginny, and mature age Animation student Andrew. 

You can re-watch the stream below, or have a read of our highlights. 

Also, if that interests you, we will be holding a Live Stream with experts on Game Development on Tuesday July 11th at 4pm over on JMC Academy’s Animation and Game Development Facebook page, so set a reminder and get your questions ready! 

What first got them interested in Animation

Rosaline; “I was very interested, even as a child I was very interested in telling stories. So, I always knew what I wanted to do, I just didn’t know the name for it. I knew I didn’t want to do live action, but I wanted to do drawings. Now I wouldn’t want to do anything else”

Sean: “I started in the Design industry, and then moved into film. Myself and my friends created our own production company and I’ve always loved that idea of how Animation can introduce a whole other aesthetic of telling stories into live action. The thing about Animation is it brings the element of art to storytelling and film, and that’s what I really love about it.”

About JMC

Andrew: “What I’ve enjoyed most is the focus of the tutors. A lot of the time it’s not been about ‘this is what you do to get your marks or pass’, it’s about ‘this is what you do to improve your work or this will what will make you succeed in the industry’.”

The importance of Work Experience

Sean: “You get hands on experience, you get to see what it’s like in the work place, you get to learn new skills. For me the most important thing, it gives them the chance to go into creative work places, to see the people working there, to meet them and understand they are really a lot like them. For that to suddenly become real, it’s one thing to be studying, but when you actually go into that workplace using the tools you are learning and you see them in their workplace, it just makes that become real and it tells those students it is actually something they can do.”

Rosaline: “Networking is a huge part of our industry. You should think of it as a fun thing to do, meeting like-minded people interested in the same things as you. Internships give you a great opportunity for this.”

Sean: “Creative industries don’t always advertise jobs like this, so networking and meeting people gives you more of a chance to get a job in this industry.”

Getting a job in Animation

Sean: “The Animation industry in Sydney and Australia is pretty healthy at the moment. There is a lot of demand, and many new platforms draw on Animation as a key media component like Apps, websites, content and even architecture planning.”

Rosaline: “Many different industries are using Animation, even medicals, it’s just everywhere. As long as you want to give life to something that is not alive, you use Animation. So, all the techniques they learn in 3D Animation, it can apply to many different areas in Animation.”

To find out about some of the other topics discussed, skip forward in the live stream: 

Alumni stories: 21:00
The process of applying for a scholarship: 24:00
The importance of Integration: 28:30
Key skills you need to succeed in the industry 35: 40
Advice to people looking to make it in this industry 46: 15

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