What to do now that you have your results

So school is finally over, and most of your results may be in, so what to do now? Let us help you... 


You have been working so hard, it’s time to relax! The sun is shining and school has broken up for summer, so get on that beach and enjoy yourself! 

Think about what you want to do in the future

Not everyone will know exactly what they want to study straight out of High School. You might have a few options in mind or not be too sure at all what you want to make your career. The best advice we can give you is to study something you enjoy! If you have any hobbies or passions, follow them and see what jobs are available in that industry. Work is such a large part of your life; you want to make sure it’s something that makes you happy. 

Take our Quiz 'What should you study?' to find out what course best suits you!

Start to look at Universities and Colleges 

See which places have the courses available for what you are thinking of studying. If you really have no idea, going for a broader course that covers a lot of different topics can be really helpful so you can figure out which path you would like to take. Attend their open days, information sessions and follow their social media. This way you can see what is going on and get a look at the kind of work their students are currently creating.

Register for JMC Academy’s Open day in January if you are interested in studying in the creative Industry in Animation, Audio, Digital Design, Contemporary Music & Performance, Songwriting, Game Design, Entertainment Business Management or Film & TV

Applications & Scholarships

If you are still unsure, enquire and ask to speak to the student recruitment advisors who will talk you through your options. If you’re in year 12 and looking to study in Melbourne this February 2019, you can change your preference up until December 19th 2019, so make your preference count! If you’re looking to study in Sydney or Brisbane, you can apply through our website directly here.

Many universities and colleges have Scholarships, so if you are worried about money, make sure you ask which scholarships are available and how you can apply for them. Take a look at all of the scholarships available at JMC Academy here.

Best of luck in the future!

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