What it's like working on an Integration Project Music Video

Integration is an important part of your course here at JMC Academy.

We put you together with students from other courses to collaborate on a project and learn to cope in a real industry environment through various roles. Very often, students from our Contemporary Music Production, Songwriting, Entertainment Business Management and Film and TV Production courses come together to make a Music Video.

We chatted to Film & TV Production students Sharon and Zanetta to see how they found the project and find out about their new group 'Queer Film Collective'. 

The Last Exposure - Owls from Queer Film Collective on Vimeo.

Tell us about how your music video came about?

We formed teams within our class and were assigned bands from the performance course. With guidance from our directing tutor, we created treatments for the videos to pitch to the business management and performance
 students. The idea for the music video was a narrative cross cut with images of the band performing. The song conjured images of someone beckoning you to cross over to a darker side and natural environments. We experimented with projection but using this would mean having to shoot at night and due to scheduling, it was near impossible. We created a story of a girl, who is secretly a leader of a masked gang, tricking her date into joining them.

What was it like working with members from other faculties?

It was easy to communicate with the business management and performance students because we were all students and had the same goals in mind - to make a good looking music video with as little money as possible. We were all excited to make it and we put a lot of effort into it. The atmosphere on set and in meetings was friendly and relaxed, and when needed, focused and professional. Working with new people brought a new dynamic to the production team.

Everyone’s input was valuable and unique.

What has this project taught you?

Teamwork and communication are incredibly crucial, no matter what kind of production it is. Good communication between the team members can make or break the project, as well as the relationships between your crew.

What was your favourite part of this project?

Becoming friends with the band and staying in contact with them. Now with our new production company, Queer Film Collective, we are making another music video with them.

How do you think JMC has prepared you for the industry?

JMC was a place for us to develop a professional attitude in a variety of different situations - on set, in a production meeting, in the studio, to interviewing someone for a documentary. The film and television production course allowed me to be able to speak to a variety of different people (director, cinematographer, editor, floor manager, sound recordist, etc.) and work in a number of different roles using the knowledge and skills I gained.

Most importantly, JMC allowed us to network with other like-minded individuals and meet some great life long friends that have the same passions.

What advice would you give to other students?

Keep making stuff. Choose who you work with wisely. Be productive and chase opportunities. Also, make friends with people whose parents are in catering (you could get cheap or free food for your shoot).

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