What I Learned From the Women That Are Fighting for Equality in the Australian Music Industry

JMC Academy Melbourne were treated to an exclusive on-campus screening of the newly released documentary, Her Sound Her Story, which was followed by a personal Q&A with the creators, Claudia Sangiorgi Dalimore and Michelle Grace Hunder.


EBM student, Alicia Blad, gave us some insights on what the film was about and how hard the creators grinded to make sure it was perfect.

Her Sound Her Story is a not only an honest revelation of what it is like to be a female identifying artist in Australia right now, but also a homage to the talented creators paving the way into the future. In over 45 intimate interviews, the documentary captures the struggles and achievements of these female artists. It not only features impactful statements from household names including Tina Arena, Julia Stone and Jen Cloher, but you also hear from breaking stars like Meg Mac and Sampa the Great. The documentary also heartfully provides insight to the indigenous, queer and transsexual community.

During the in-depth post viewing Q&A, Claudia and Michelle showcased how you can create an important body of work with limited resources and (wo)man-power. Claudia detailed her journey through editing and re-editing the film over and over. They spoke about continuing to film more interviews after the first screening as they were not completely satisfied with how the story was initially wrapped. They described the limited budget they were working with and even having to accommodate and feed some of the artists in their own homes. But in the end, their passion and creative ideas have brought together a community of genre diverse artists, spanning across 6 generations. Her Sound Her Story encourages collaboration, celebration and learning opportunities for unity rather than competition.

Claudia and Michelle are passionate about showing this documentary out in the educational space. They believe we will be the future of music industry professionals that will truly disrupt the current system of neglecting artist’s due to their identifying gender. The creator's humbleness and dedication to their work is inspiring to anyone in the business of following their dreams. 

For us students at JMC Academy, it is an incredibly impactful project. It offers us the chance to open a discussion into the trends of the industries we are so passionate about. We were so fortunate to have been able to ask these inspirational filmmakers questions after the screening and you could feel the eagerness in the room after viewing amazing project. 

A massive thankyou to Claudia and Michelle for making this documentary and taking the time to meet with us at JMC Academy.

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