Week one Wrap-Up of the LA Film School Study Tour! Blog Entry #2

Wednesday, 3 June 2015
9:04 PM

Week 1: Warner Bros; Universal Studios; Disneyland & Disney California Adventure Park; Paramount Studios and the LA Film School

Before I begin this blog post, I want to thank JMC Academy and the LA Film School for this amazing opportunity! Week 1 has flown by and it has been mind-blowing! We began our first studio tour at Warner Bros. Studios at Burbank, California and we visited the sets of The Ellen Show, 2 Broke Girls and Big Bang Theory. Our hosts explained that neighbouring studios will often use each other's sound stages or sets, so many other films produced by other production companies can borrow the facilities. Nothing like good competition in LA! Plus, Warner Bros. also celebrated the 75th Anniversary of Batman, and featured the Harry Potter exhibition, complete with a plethora of original props, costumes, vehicles (yes, the Batmobiles from each movie was present), concept art, and many more.
We barely scraped the surface of the entertainment scene in LA… as the next day, we headed to Universal Studios and the JMC crew were given the VIP Experience! Universal Studios is home to the set of King Kong, Back to the Future, Fast & Furious, Pirates of the Caribbean, and classics like Steven Spielberg's Jaws and Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho. One of the best highlights of Universal was the King Kong 360 3-D experience created by the director Peter Jackson himself. The stage was surrounded by two curved screens- the equivalent of 16 movie theatre screens- with 3D imaging and surround sound. King Kong leapt off the screen fighting off a T-Rex, while rocking the tour bus back and forth. The JMC crew had to hold on tight because it was a very intense (and fun) experience! 
LAFS Tour Group Picture at Paramount