Using Social Media Influencers to Promote your Music

Whether you are an Artist manager wanting to promote your clients work or a musician wanting to spread your music, Social Media is a great way to get it heard. You just have to know how. 

We’ve put together a 3 part series with some key tips that are touched upon in our Entertainment Business Management, Contemporary Music Performance and Songwriting courses to help you get your work heard by the right people.

Our first instalment of this series looks at Social Media Influencers, a technique that is often forgotten about but  is hinged on an old school marketing technique of Public Relations.

What are Social Media Influencers?

A Social Media Influencer is as it says, someone on social media with a large influence on their audience and a strong following. They often focus on certain areas they are interested in, and post regularly. The most popular platforms for this at the moment is Instagram and YouTube but is also popular on Blogging sites like Tumblr. 

Why would I use them?

Social Media Influencers are an amazing way to get your music seen by your target audience. Their followers are very engaged and often listen and trust every word the influencers say. Therefore, if they say good things about your music, or talk about a gig they went to where you played and they had a great time, this reflects very well on you. It is likely their audience will look you up and want to know who you are. 

What sort of person am I looking for?

There are tonnes of music bloggers and music lovers out there with a close following, so utilise it. You don’t necessarily need the influencer to be a music blogger primarily. You need someone who’s audience would be similar to yours. They may be a fashion Vlogger or Instagrammer but if their audience matches yours then give it a go! Don’t be unrealistic, if you have a small audience and following yourself, it’s very unlikely you will get someone with 100k Instagram followers to post about you. Work your way up!

How do I get them to post my stuff?

Invite them to your gig, send out free tickets or send them your new album and with much luck they will review it. Don’t bug them however, the key to social influencers is to make a good contact who you could utilise.  

There are also websites to help you find infulencers if you can’t think of any off of the top of your head. For example Tribe or BrandSnob.


The key to working with social influencers it that you don’t mess with what they are posting. You want them to speak to their audience as they normally would so don’t tell them what to say. Make connections and network through social media. 

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