Using my passion for dancing to guide me through my business degree

The beautiful thing about the Australian Entertainment Industry is that there are so many different types of jobs out there just waiting for a passionate applicant.


Just ask International Entertainment Business Student, Jasmine Carissa. Jasmine has come all the way to Australia to study with us at JMC and is using her passion for dancing as an inspiration for where she wants her degree to take her. 

Jasmine recently completed an internship at Dancehouse for the DANCE MASSIVE event that took place in March. We spoke to Jasmine about her internship, living in Australia and how her love of dance is guiding her through her Entertainment Business Degree.

Tell us about your internship with Dance House?

I was given the role of Production Assistant and Stage Manager Assistant. I’m working very closely with Production Manager, Georgia Rann, on setting up different shows in different venues and working with artists on their installations a stage set up. I was also able to work with some Tech specialists to learn more about lighting and audio for dance productions.

What are the biggest things you’ve learned?

I have learnt so many new things about the dance industry. I am learning a lot about specific roles in the industry and what their responsibilities are. But the biggest thing I have learnt is how much I want to work in this industry in the future!

What was your favourite thing about your internship?

My favourite thing was being able to work together with the dancers and being able to make their vision come to life. When I watch the show, I feel so fulfilled and proud because I was a part of making it happen.

What did you want to do when you started your studies and has this changed now?

What made me come to JMC and study entertainment business was that I have been a dancer and love performing, which made me fall in love with the entertainment industry. When I started at JMC, my main goal and passion was events and festivals, which hasn’t changed. My time in Melbourne has just made me more certain about the career I want to pursue.

What are some of the biggest things you’ve learned from JMC so far?

I have learnt so many different aspects of the entertainment industry; from finance and law to marketing and digital media. I believe that all of this knowledge will be useful in my future career. But, most importantly, I learned how much I really love working in festivals.

How are you finding your time at JMC?

I have been enjoying my studies very much. The teachers I have are amazingly helpful and have taught me a lot. As an international student, every single student is extremely friendly and I have such amazing group of friends that support and help me throughout my studies.

Are you enjoying studying in Australia?

I am really loving my time here in Australia. There are so many amazing opportunities in the entertainment industry here. I have worked and interned for several different festivals including CHANGES, Dogapalooza, and Dance Massive and have met so many amazing people along the way as well.

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