Using Digital Tools in Animation

Animation allows you to immerse yourself in the creation of new characters, stories and exciting new worlds. To create your vision, you need to know the different processes to help stimulate your creativity and solve imaginative problems. Bringing a character to life involves more than just technical ability, although that is important too.  

‘Visual storytelling is what I love and with the digital tools we have now, you can use them to tell stories in really interesting ways’.  – Sean Callinan, JMC Head of Animation and Game Design. 

The Animation course at JMC can take you on a journey from story development to artistic digital animation.

CGI is an extremely powerful tool and it has opened up possibilities in storytelling and particularly in live action. Animation has always been an area where the scope is endless- traditional animation was only limited to what you could picture and what you could draw. What CG has allowed us to do is bring those animation elements into live action storytelling as well. Many live action films have more animation than live action now days, so that’s a really important change’.

Navigating the job market isn’t always easy though, and that goes for any job. When it comes to Animation, you need to be equipped with the knowledge, skills, and deep critical and creative thinking to excel in this dramatically expanding area.

Underpinned by principles in technology, science and artistic practice, the JMC Animation course can help you learn all about new tools and industry trends to ensure you are up to speed on all of the latest developments demanded by industry.

Digital tools allow us to draw on a huge arrange of ways of making images and telling stories and combine those things in ways that were very difficult to do prior to digitising them.’

Digital methods aren’t superior in themselves, it's what they allow you to do that really matters.’

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