Under the Floor


Take the journey and explore how Michael Wei, Ben Malfatti, Andre Melendres and Lachlan O’Dea put together this short animation film in their 5th Trimester of 3D Animation at JMC Academy.

Choosing a Story - Week 4

Each team member presented their story then discussed which story would be featured for this assignment. After deliberation, they decided to go with Michael’s story idea – Under the floor. 
As a group, they simplified the story into a beatboard by breaking down the key aspects and writing it into sticky notes and refining the structure.

Assigning Departmental Roles - Week 5

Director and Art Director - Michael
Writer, Editor and Lead Animator – Andre
Character Designs - Ben    

Environment Modeller and Experimenter of real flow for the Monster design – Lachlan O-Dea.
Week Two, the team worked on developing the story, to do list, draft script, quick roughs for the storyboard, camera shots and angles and character designs.

Script and Sound Effects 

The team watched the film Inner Demons for inspiration and ideas on how to approach. The team then decided to use Realflow. Update scripts, downloaded sound effects and Adobe Premiere while finalising the Character Design.

Final Draft Storyboard - Week 6

The hard work is nearly done! The team worked at finalising the script and final face rigging touches for Lily. They then reworked and cut parts out based on the draft storyboard then cut out the shots from the draft storyboard in Photoshop and saved them all as individual image files for the animatic.

Environmental Designs 

Concept designs were well underway for the environments which included Exterior, Interior and Lamp post style frame. This week the team also worked on animations style, music and sound effects for the films as well as timing for the rough storyboard to get a general idea of how long the film will run for. 

Feedback - Week 7

This week the team sought feedback from Head of Animation and Games, Sean Cullinan who gave the team valuable feedback as well as perspective and composition. From this feedback, the team then went on to completing a new storyboard and adjusted proportions for characters and helped one another with rigging. They also updated the Art Department brief for Sound Design.


The team finalised the script based on the draft storyboard and cut parts of the shots from the draft storyboard in 
Photoshop and saved them as individual files for the animatic.

Animatic - Week 8

The animatic storyboard is created! They're used to preview scenes of live-action films before they are shot. Watch the ‘Under the Floor’ animatic now.

Congratulations Michael, Andre, Ben and Lachlan on your hard work. Watch the Under the Floor Animatic below!

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