Turning a Story into a Film- 'Offside' Short Film

Hearing a story that touches you is a wonderful feeling. Being able to then use your skills and knowledge to make it into a film and use it to inspire others is what being a filmmaker is all about, and is exactly what one JMC Academy student did. 

Prashanth Raj heard Nelly Yoa’s story about a young professional soccer player aspiring to reach his dreams while faced with a devastating situation, and was inspired to write a script. 

Working with a team of filmmakers including JMC Academy students Adrian Hodgson and Melissa Richards, they bought Nelly’s story to life. 

This whole experience has been very enriching, eye opening and enjoyable. Being my first major short film, I gained a lot of experience and fortunately through Nelly Yoa's contacts, great exposure (Sunrise Channel 7, Local MP FB post, Adshel panels, dandenong journal, etc.) JMC and my teachers at JMC helped us out throughout the whole process and I can't thank them enough for helping us make a name out there as budding filmmakers.” - Prashanth

“These three students have a done an exceptional Job on this film & its completion. Such a tremendous effort & hard work put into this. I'm very proud of them all.” - Nelly

The feedback from the wider communities across Melbourne, from the Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews, Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, Victorian multicultural commission Chairperson Helen kapalos, alongside other various high profile figures from state to local Politicians to SportStars, have all shown positive & supportive words of encouragement for 'OffSide'. With over 200+ A1 Poster and bus shelter advertising of 'OffSide' being seen by Melbournian public this short doco has started to gather extra momentum.

“The courses at JMC are very hands-on be it practical or theory. It was interactive and made us think critically of our choices as film and television production professionals. Now I feel confident in the field thanks to JMC. My favourite thing about the course was how good the student to staff ratio was. I could interact with all my classmates and teachers, which made learning and understanding things easier. I also really liked doing video projects constantly every semester, because other universities don't have as much practical projects to do.

I think that students should really go out of their way and work on more projects than their units require of them. Do extra learning and extra filming of videos. This way your filmography will be much better than those of others in the country even. I had 40 or so projects on my filmography when I finished JMC and you really can only learn by doing. The more you do, the more you learn and the better you'll be at what you do.” – Prashanth

You can watch the short film “Offside” below. 

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Major Creative Roles

Writer/Co-director/DOP/Colourist - Prashanth Raj
Director: Adrian Hodgson
Producers: Melissa Richards, Nelly Yoa, Prashanth Raj
Video Editors - Jamie Watt, Prashanth Raj
Sound Recordists - Jamie watt, Benjamin Le
Sound Design - Benjamin Lee
Production Designer - Kirsten Timms-Perry