We're Here to Drop Some Truth Bombs About Uni + College!

When people tell you about uni or college, they talk about studying with your new friends, getting through your assignments and coming out at the end with a degree and your dream job lined up. What they won’t tell you about is the nitty gritty that it takes to get there and some of the shocks and realisations that will hit you along the way.

But have no fear, we’re here to drop some truth bombs about uni and college to get you prepped and ready for the study road ahead.

You will learn more on the job.

At first you think that you’re going to learn everything you need to know in that classroom and come out an industry professional. But unfortunately it doesn’t work that way. You can only learn so much before you need to be in a real life work situation. You will notice that everyone that carries out an internship or work placement comes out saying they learned SOOO much from working on the job. That’s exactly why we have internship opportunities in our courses. But what they DON’T tell you, is that the key transferable skills that helped them learn all of that on the job, learn fast AND get the internship opportunity in the first place, was learned in that classroom.

The most boring classes can be most important.

The amount of times students say “I wish I had paid more attention in those budgeting classes, because I now do that every day in my job.” The units that are taught are there for a reason- and that reason isn’t to bore you. It’s to teach and prepare you for what’s ACTUALLY in the industry. Sure, the fun units like integration and major projects where you get really hands on are great and you will still learn so much from them. But don’t forget about the ‘less fun’ classes that are key to learning the essentials that will make the skills learnt in the hands on classes much more effective and turn you into the all-round package.

Tutors can become your best industry contact.

So play nice! Work hard and actually make friends with your tutors. The benefit of having smaller classes at JMC is that you can actually get to know your tutors, rather than just being a number in a faceless crowd. Once your tutors recognise your hard work, they can then recommend you for jobs, internships, or even ask to hire you for their external projects (most of our lecturers are still working in the industry and will have industry jobs available for you during and after your course). So don’t waste the opportunity of picking your lecturers brain while you have them, learn from their experience and prove to them that you can be an asset in the industry in the future.

You’re actually an adult now.

You’re expected to show up on time, manage your time and take control of your workload, just like any job would expect of you. This isn’t high school any more. You’re expected to behave like an adult in class and work with tutors like industry contacts and colleagues. You have chosen to be here and are spending a lot of money to do so, so don’t waste your time in class by mucking around and being childish. Respect your lecturers, the course and the process and we promise you will get the most that you possibly can out of it. However, if you are feeling the pressure of the step up, there is always help available through On-campus student support – this is designed to help you academically and psychologically along the way to ensure you’re staying on track.

Becoming rich takes time and being poor can suck.

This one isn’t so much of a secret, but it can be a shock. For a lot of people, part of being a student is having a tough time with money. Balancing your classes, assignments and a part-time job can be tricky and exhausting. But just keep in mind that it’s all part of the process of getting out from behind the bar and entering the industry that you love. Always remember to keep your goals in mind, prioritise your time and remember what you’re doing it for. It will all be worth it in the end.

And keep in mind, FEE-HELP is available to domestic students (meaning government assistance can pay your way through the course until you enter the industry), scholarship programs are available to selected students and if you are worried about it being too full on, part-time study options are available to give you more time to keep earning money and complete your course all at the same time.

Getting involved can really help you.

Sure, you can only turn up to make up the attendance, barely pass your assignments and scrape by. But really, what’s the point? The more you get involved, the more you will get out of the experience.

Immerse yourself in the course and you will find all sorts of extra activities that will not only help you succeed in your degree, but you will have a good time while doing it. You will have the opportunity to attend all sorts of interesting workshops, hear from guest lecturers and work with other students on the Student Representative Council. Get as involved as possible and get the most out of your time as a student while you can!

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