Touring with Getaway Plan

JMC Academy Sydney Entertainment Business Management student Stella Chan recently toured with The Getaway Plan , so we catch up with her to see how it went, and what role she played… 

stella-chan1.jpgTell us about your time touring with Getaway plan!

Well we did a national tour, playing in major cities - Sydney, Melbourne, Hobart, Adelaide, Perth and Brisbane. I was in charge of the band's merchandise and hosted the VIP meet and greets, as well as making sure we were running on time for load ins, sound check and being in touch with the venues. 

What was your favourite part?

Hanging out with the bands and being able to go to cities I've never travelled to before was awesome - I made some new friends and connections! But my favourite part was definitely the Brisbane show. The band played at The Brightside - probably one of the best venues in Australia I've experienced, the staff and fans were great and I also got to explore some of the city before the show! 

How vital was this work experience for your learning?

I'd say this experience was crucial for my learning, as I was able to put all the theory I learned at uni into practice. I learnt first-hand what it was like to tour, how to handle things going wrong, and how much work actually goes into creating and rolling out a tour. I also learned what the music scene is like in different parts of Australia. 

getawayplan.jpgHow did you come across this opportunity?

I have been an intern with The Getaway Plan's artist management company, and the manager offered me the opportunity of working on the tour. 
What are the most useful things you have learnt on your Entertainment Business Management course here at JMC so far?

Everything I've learnt about the business side of the entertainment industry has been really important, but definitely learning how to put together a tour manual and marketing strategies has been especially useful! These are things that I will certainly use in the future if I end up managing my own artists.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In 5 years I hope to be either managing and touring an artist, or working on a big festival, or managing my own music venue, or being a booking agent. There's so many different jobs out there that I'd like to do! 

What advice do you have for current students?

Networking is key! Without it, all the theory you do in uni isn't being put into practice. Start with your lecturers; be friendly, find out their role in the entertainment industry, figure out what you're interested in and start volunteering for anything you can. Your lecturers are industry professionals and have the connections you need. They can get you to where you need to be if you are passionate and are willing to work hard! 

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