Totally romantic Valentines Day gifts you can make relating to your creative course.

As a creative school, with creative students, we feel you can all do better than giving flowers this year.

So, we have put together some great gift ideas that you can CREATE using your very own degree. If anyone actually does any of these we would love to see them because you’re obviously a good boyfriend/ girlfriend. 


You could make anything super soppy here: Why not animate how you met, animate how you feel about them, or create a love story strong enough to bowl them right over. You could even go as far as putting it in one of those video picture frames on rotate- Brownie Points. 

Audio Engineering

Completely crush the idea of the usual ‘mixtape’ and mix together the perfect song combos. Add in some personal flair, perhaps adding in their name or some personal jokes to enhance the romantic vibe. 

Contemporary Music & Performance

You’re a performer so perform! Show the love with your natural talent. Set up a home concert and put on a private performance for your better half. If you can’t afford to hire a venue, tape a flashlight to a ceiling fan to stand under the spotlight. 

JMC Music student Mick below really put the ‘Man’ in Romantic for his girlfriend Lauren.  

Digital Design

Why not design your own ‘Couples’ logo. You could even create your own nickname like ‘Kimye’  or 'Billary' (Bill and Hillary Clinton FYI) and create a plaque for your front door. Awhhhhh. 

Entertainment Business Management

Organising is your thing right? Well there is a whole host of things you could organise to make the perfect valentines gift. Why not organise a nice trip or event and use sticky notes to give clues. Event organisers love sticky notes. 


Film & TV Production

Producing a romantic short film of your love for each other is perhaps one of the best presents you could give.  Use old videos of you both, perhaps some quotes from friends and family and include their favourite things in it. To make a real ‘mic drop’ moment, why not set up a picnic with popcorn to watch it for an extra romantic effect. 

Game Development

Develop a game where they have to follow the story of your love picking up points on the way for things like ‘backrubs’ and ‘Cooking Dinner’. Depending on the amount of points they gain could translate to their final treats and bonus presents. Just make sure you don’t make a game like monopoly because we all know that’s a relationship breaker. 


This is another pretty obvious one. To really make your gift stand out, why not get some friends to create an A Capella version of a song you write especially for your loved one, and walk through their work in a mariachi style romantic gesture. Nailed it


It’s what JMC is all about. Why not mix with other students to create the perfect gift! If you’re a songwriter, ask an audio student to record and mix your song for your loved one, perhaps even ask the Film & TV students to create an adorable music video to demonstrate your passion. Now that’s integration at it’s finest. 

If you want to create the best gift for your loved one, but don’t have the creative skills to carry it out, JMC Academy can help you.  Click here to begin your journey to a perfect valentines.


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