Top Game Development Blogs to Follow

Passionate about gaming, and have a talent for developing game-play concepts and understanding game mechanics? Our course will give you the fundamental skills you need to kick-start your career, and these blogs will tofollow2.jpggive you some great tips, insights and just plain interesting articles to help along the way... 

We present some of our favourite Game Development blogs on the internet at the moment... 

1. HobbyGameDev.com

Video game designer Chris DeLeon gives some great tips, including loads of helpful video blogs, and in depth interview with other game developers utilising their best advice. He states 'My passion is helping more people get into game making, though I sometimes discuss my past and current game projects as examples.'
Professionally he's done videogame design for Electronic Arts, Will Wright’s Stupid Fun Club, and a Silicon Valley start-up later acquired by PopCap. He was in Forbes 30 Under 30 for my iOS work, including an IndieCade finalist (feelforit) and a top-ranked iPhone game (Topple), so he's one to listen to. 

One awesome post on this blog: Uneven dusty air effect in Unity 

2. Gamasutra 

gaming2.jpgGamasutra is a very popular blog in the industry as all of the posts are written by game professionals, where you can learn about the newest information in gaming and design, as well as new game announcememnts and social gaming. Gamasutra has five main sections: the News where daily news is posted, the Features where developers post game postmortems and critical essays, Blogs where users can post their thoughts and views on various topics, Jobs/Resume where users can apply for open positions at various development studios, and Contractors where users can apply for contracted work. A very useful blog for all aspects of the game development industry. 

One awesome post on this blog: Unity 3D: Batching independently moving GameObjects into a single mesh to reduce draw calls.

3. Make it big in Games

Run by Jeff Tunnell, Make it big in Games discusses game development, design, and lifestyle and is all about the business of making and selling video games. “I believe it is incredibly important to only make games that you are passionate about,” Jeff states on his website.  This blog offers insider tips on running and owning an indie game development studio. 

One awesome post on this blog: Review of Surface Pro 3 For Game Production

4. Phonton Storm

Focused on flash game development and marketing, the owner of Phonton Storm describes himself as 'Full time HTML5 Game Developer and creator of Phaser, Atari otaku, Retro Gaming Geek, child of the 80s, demoscener, anime and pixel art fan.'

One awesome post on this blog: Phaser Coding Tips 8

gamingyourway.jpg5. Gaming your way 

With top tips on Unity, and game development as a whole, the creaters of the blog Oliver "nGFX" Sons and Richard "Squize" Myles describe the birth of the blog as 'Having a dislike of both poor Flash games, and writing in 3rd person, we decided to club our experience together to create this 3rd party game development agency.' 

One awesome post on this blog: Unity Mechanim... the easy way... for dummies... like me.  

6. PixelProspector 

PixelProspector describes itself as 'Indie games and resources for game developers', and offers valuable insight into Game Development, Graphics, Sound/Music, Distribution, Business and Marketing. As a non commercial site, it can provide true insight with no affiliations to worry about. 

One awesome post on this blog: The Marketing Guide for Game Developers

7. Gameanlytics 

This website is actually a free analytics platform that helps game developers understand their players' behaviour by delivering relevant insights, however, their blog section has some great tips for developing your game. Presumably so you can become a great game developer and then use their analytics platform. Clever. 

One awesome post on this blog: Tips for a great first time user eperience in F2P games

8. Lost Garden 

Lost Garden focuses on art and game design. The creator is the Chief Creative Officer at Spry Fox and writes alot about game design theory, art and the business of design. He's been a game designer, pixel artist, toolmaker, physicist and MBA so has a lot to talk about! 

One awesome post on this blog: Cost effective game design 

9. Gamedev.net 

GameDev.net has emerged as the leading online community for game developers of all levels, from the green beginner to the seasoned industry veteran. Hundred of throusands of people visit this site regularly for updates on  developer news and resources, amazingly active forums, and to be a part of the growing international community of game developers. 

One awesome post on this blog: Narrative Gameplay Dissonance

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