Top Animated Movies of all time

Within our Animation course, we often discuss our favourite Animated movies, so we thought you we would let you in on a few of ours, and a few of the Box Office's favourite Animated movies of all time... 

up.jpgToy Story
One of the most well known animated franchises, the quote ‘To infinity and beyond’ can be recognised by most children today. Directed by John Lasseter in 1995, Pixar did an incredible job with this children’s film, that ultimately ended up as many adults favourites also. We have to also mention the incredible Tom Hanks, plus the fact it made a pretty neat $354,300,000 worldwide.

Monsters Inc

These loveable monsters, brought to you by Pixar, tell the story of the monster world and its relationships with humans. Directed by Pete Docter, this movie brings so much colour and fun to the screen, it’s no wonder it made $562,816,256. It is argued that this 2001 film is the movie that kept Pixar alive. 


Directed by Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck, this 2013 smash-hit has been awarded the highest grossing animated film of all time making a breathtaking $1,274,219,009. That’s not including all the merchandise that followed its success with children everywhere. With its postmodern themes and beautiful animation, this film was acknowledged highly for the fact that the ‘love’ that saved them, was the love between family, and not the undeniably Disney ‘true love’ between a man and a women that is so common. And we can’t forget that catchy ‘Let it go’ which took the world by storm.  

The Nightmare before Christmas

Directed in 1993 by stop-motion maestro Henry Selick from Tim Burton’s original story, the movie took 15 animators almost three years to make. Working with more than 227 puppets, they completed just one minute of the film a week, for the film to become one of those annual Christmas must watch films. 


Known as Pixars ‘Saddest, Sweetest and Strangest film’, this 2009 film directed by Pete Docter and Bob Peterson is perhaps Pixars most profound and risk-taking film yet. Opening with a devastating montage of love and loss, ‘Up’ demonstrated Pixars ability to mix big emotions with so much fun and laughter, to create a movie worth a whopping $731,342,744.

The Lion King

This 1994 Disney film could take the top spot for ‘the most memes to come out of a film’. From the infamous ‘Hold the baby up high’ to the tears from the death of Mafusa, this is a film that may never die. And we wouldn’t want it to! Making $987,483,777, and directed by Roger Allers and Rob Minkoff, The Lion King is known for its unforgettable soundtrack. Did you also know, the wilderbeast stampede took 3 years to animate?!


Making more money than its parent films ‘Despicable Me’ and ‘Despicable Me 2’, people fell in love with the little yellow helpers from the very beginning, explaining why it made an incredible $1,020,000,000 for Universal Pictures. Directed by Kyle Balda and Pierre Coffin, this 2015 animated wonder put people in a minion frenzie everywhere. However, it did not have a great response from critics!

Fantastic Mr Fox

Directed by critically acclaimed Wes Anderson alongside animation director Mark Gustafson, Fantastic Mr Fox is the 2009 stop motion animated comedy based on Roald Dahl’s children’s novel. George Clooney, Meryl Streep and Bill Murray provide the voices to this well received animation which made a nice $46,471,023 worldwide. 

The Incredibles

Directed and written by Brad Bird in 2004, Pixar proves here that animation can compete in the highly competitive superhero space! Making $631,442,092 worldwide, the Incredibles did an incredible job at taking the superhero genre and reproducing it in a hilarious and inventive way. 


Considered a landmark Japanese Animation, this is considered by many critics as one of the greatest animated and science fiction movies of all time with its unique and astounding detail. Directed by Katushiro Otomo in 1988, Akira has garnered a large following as a cult film after being based off of Otomos Manga. 


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