Tips to help you afford College

How can I afford to go into further study? How can I save money while I'm at college? What help can I get towards my course fees? money.jpg

Paying for further study can often be a big worry, but having a great education is priceless. Nonetheless, we have put together some great ways to save, and get money during your studies. 


Sign up to do freelance work on Upwork.com. These jobs can range from small jobs like changing PDF files to word documents, writing blogs, developing code or websites, and many other jobs. You can do small jobs for $50 all the way up to major freelance jobs. Take a peek and earn some cash on the side!

Get a part-time job

Working in a café or a restaurant can help you earn some money on the side, as well as gain vital life skills. However, it will be extremely beneficial if you can work in an industry part-time that can help your career. For example, many digital agencies often hire part time junior digital designers, or you could gig if you are a musician – this can also help your reputation and CV. 


Some educational institutions offer scholarships for passionate prospective students. JMC Academy offers up to 8 Academic Undergraduate Scholarships on each campus, covering one year of tuition fees for any of JMC Academy's eight bachelor degrees.  Learn more here about our scholarships.

Fee help

All of the Higher Education programmes are eligible for FEE-HELP.  FEE-HELP is a Commonwealth loan given to eligible fee-paying students to help pay for part or all of their tuition fees. The JMC Academy is a registered Higher Education Private Provider and therefore students at JMC are eligible.  For more information contact the JMC Academy or click here.

The Government have lots of fee help options that can also help with travel expenses and living costs. Take a look here to see what you are eligible for.


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Make it with JMC

JMC Academy has launched an initiative which sees its students work together on real collaborative commercial projects, providing them with real world industry experience, and paying industry fees. Find out more here.

Manage your budget

Money may be tight during your studies as every student knows, and making sure that you manage your budget can be very important. 

Turn off lights to keep bills down and don’t spend a million dollars on your phone bill! Find the free festivals, museums and art galleries for a nice day out. 

Use the Campus Library! People often forget about campus libraries (I know!) but they do exist! And it is a great way to get the correct information without going out to buy expensive textbooks. 

Concession Cards

Always ask if somewhere does student discount. Even online shops have options for student discount – save every penny you can! Your tutors also have great connections and may be able to get you discount on musical instruments or software – You just have to ask ☺ 

 Concession cards can also get you much cheaper transport.  Find out more here. 

Do you have more great tips on saving money? Let us know @JMCAcademy 

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