Tips for submitting the best Animation, Game and Design Portfolios

Here at JMC Academy, when looking at applicants for our Animation, Digital Design or Game Development courses, we ask for a detailed portfolio to reflect your skills and passion. 


This can be a daunting task for some students who may feel they do not have a lot to show, so here are some tips to those looking to submit a portfolio. 

What are you looking for?

The most essential things we look for in a portfolio is that you have a drive to create things and are passionate about the field, so make sure that this shines through in your portfolio. Make your reasons for studying the course clear and demonstrate your commitment to take your interest further through study.

What do I put in it?

A portfolio essentially relates to samples of your work. Things like sketches or drawings, notes, ideas and characters you’ve invented are all great. This could also include a piece of creative writing, or storyboards. For design, as well as drawings, we are happy to look at a piece of writing, a blog about design or a collection of photographs also. We love to flip through sketches, and see that you’re capable of coming up with ideas and getting those out on to paper.

What if I don’t have many/ any finished pieces?

If you have nice finished artwork, that’s fantastic, but not essential. It can be a great way to assess your skills and development process if you have sketches and work-in-progress so don’t be afraid of including these! 

How long should it be?

In terms of portfolio size, we like to see quite a few samples of your work, so usually 15-20 pages is a good indicator. 

What do I do in the interview?

The majority of the time, your portfolio is presented to us in your entry interview. Don’t be nervous, we just want to use this time to get to know you and see your passion for the industry. You can find some super helpful tips on how to nail your interview here. 


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