Tigerspike + JMC Academy = Innovation

JMC students recently spent time at a Design agency working with industry professionals. Head of our Sydney Design course Rahul Nath talks about the experience.

In recent times some Australian business leaders especially in the software & IT sector have called for higher education institutions to produce graduates more aligned with their business needs. As someone who has developed and launched a Design (Bachelor Degree) program focussed on Digital Design I am keenly aware that I need to be producing graduates that can find their feet fast in the industry. We do that here at JMC Academy by modelling our class environment on ‘the design studio’. Our learning environment in many ways reflects the way a contemporary design studio or agency functions. We prototype, research and pitch in the same way as in the workplace. We regularly work on real briefs with real clients who visit us. 

However, is it not also incumbent on businesses to become a part of that process? Who better to guide the transition from education to work than Industry? Not just at the point of graduation, but holistically involved from early on in the growth of industry ready designers. As the African proverb goes “It takes a village to raise a child”. In our case it takes partnerships between educators and industry to create a fully rounded graduate. 
We are very lucky that here in Sydney (and increasingly across Australia) we have many businesses that are stepping up their involvement in the development of the next generation of designers. Businesses who very much want to be a part of the ‘village’ that it takes to raise a designer.  Recently JMC Academy students were invited to participate in a unique event at Tigerspike’s (Digital Product & Services Company) Sydney office, students were embedded into product development teams where they worked with Tigerspike’s people on a 24-hour design challenge – Innovation Day.

Tigerspike’s David Miller describes the process;

“Every 3-6 months our team takes a break from project work and dedicates 24 hours in the name of innovation. We explore everything from new hardware (VR, new devices, drones, etc) to new software & platform releases (Android Marshmallow, iOS9 and Apple ResearchKit and HealthKit, etc).”

This Innovation Day Tigerspike partnered with the software company Kounta (Café POS system) to innovate new features to make the Café experience better for both business and customer. After being briefed by Kounta representatives, Tigerspike teams had 24hours to come up with a pitch and prototype of their new features. Working late into the night, teams rapidly developed their ideas and prototypes for the 4pm Friday presentation. JMC Students were made to feel very welcome and for them it was a fantastic opportunity to meet and work alongside people from a leading world-wide digital products & services company like Tigerspike. 
After a hectic 24 hours and presentation at the 4pm deadline the winning team emerged (Judged by Kounta and Tigerspike management). Congrats to JMC Swedish international student Sara Lindberg for being part of the winning team! 

JMC Academy would like to thank Depy Kyritsi (UX/UI Director), David Miller (Head of App Development) and all the team at Tigerspike and Kounta for inviting JMC Academy students into their innovation day. Partnerships like this are a great example of industry and education working together to make the future of design in Australia even better. 

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