There's Happy Feet for JMC Academy Graduates

Happy Feet brings happy news to the JMC Academy Community!

Happy Feet won the Oscar for Best Animated Feature at the Academy Award ceremony teo years ago, beating the animated Cars made by renowned Disney-owned and San-Francisco based animation house Pixar.

This win, by Australian special effects house Animal Logic based at Sydney’s Fox Studios, marks a major achievement for Australia’s film industry and makes an indelible mark on the global creative industries market.

Animal Logic established an entirely new animation studio to make Happy Feet and employed a predominantly Australian crew of over 500 for the film’s production. Local voices were also employed with the likes of Nicole Kidman, Hugh Jackman and Steve Irwin breathing vocal life into the highly animated characters. Even closer to home was the involvement of three talented JMC Academy graduates in Happy Feet's production.

These JMC Academy graduates are:

Elaine Beckett (nee Elaine Debenham)

Elaine completed a Diploma in Music Business Management at the JMC Academy in July 2005. She has spent the past two and a half years working at Trackdown, one of Australia’s premier purpose-built Orchestral Scoring stage and recording venues. In this capacity Elaine co-ordinated all of the music recording sessions undertaken in the making of Happy Feet.

Daniel Brown

Daniel completed an Advanced Diploma of Audio at the JMC Academy in 2003. He subsequently went on to become an in house engineer for Trackdown where he has worked for three years. Daniel was the pro tools playback operator for the Happy Feet Production. Daniel is also credited with working with the legendary Baz Luhrmann and with musicians Pete Murray, Killing Heidi and the Sydney Symphony Orchestra.

Jamie Watson

Jamie completed Certificates 4 in Popular Music Performance, Audio and Music Business Management at the JMC Academy in 2005. Now an engineer and producer for Trackdown, Jamie was the Scoring Hall floor assistant for all Happy Feet sessions. Jamie is also a talented songwriter and composer, proving to be a highly skilled musician.