The top 5 ways creative people can make it in the industry

The creative industries is an exciting world to work in with ample opportunity and a large variety of roles. By teaching 8 creative courses and working with industry professionals every day, we here at JMC Academy know a thing or two about why some people make it and some people don’t.  


Here, we will walk you through how we teach our students to become another successful graduate working in the creative industry.  

Learn from your mistakes

The most successful people in the industry aren’t the ones that make NO mistakes, they are the ones that learn from the mistakes they make. Don’t be a stubborn creative, sticking to your way of doing things regardless of the outcome. Those who look at their creative careers as a constant evolution and education will continue to grow and become a stronger and more successful graduate. 

Listen to feedback

If you get feedback from an industry professional, take it! They normally know what they are on about and are happy to help, so listen to them. Don’t take it personally as everyone has room to grow. By being aware of bad habits, you can approach your work from a fresh point-of-view. 

Don’t take yourself too seriously 

Creativity is the art of taking a step back and looking at the wider situation to come up with something original and imaginative. If you are doing every step by the book, you can hold back that creative flow. Sometimes you need to drop all provados and just think outside the box. 

Don’t think you’re working harder than you actually are

People are nearly always working harder than you. There is always more that you can do. Nothing comes easy and you have to work to be successful so don’t think that just doing your course or degree is enough. Do work placements, volunteer your time to shadow professionals in the industry, get that experience in the real world. 

Recognise what else can help you

What are you interested in? What creative projects do you do in your spare time? If you are a game developer and you analyse games or live stream, then use that to push yourself when making new games or reference this when applying for a job. If you know people working in the industry, or know people that know people then use these connections. Networking is absolutely key in the creative industries, as they say, ‘It’s not what you know, but who you know’, so get to know the right people. 

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