The Jobs you can get in Animation

Our graduates are currently at work in a wide range of creative positions, from being team members at major studios like Dr D and Animal Logic, through to design houses like ZSpace. They are working in television and advertising and some individuals are running their own small studios or freelancing.

There are a wide variety of roles that you could go into through Animation, so take a look through the below list and see if any catch your eye that you may not have thought of before!



Animators create animation and visual effects for a wide range of media using illustrations and software programs. They create, plan, and script animated narrative sequences, and assist with background design and production coordination. Animators work primarily in; Motion picture and video industries, Games, Software Publishers, Advertising, Infographics, Broadcast & Motion Design, and PR and specialist design companies. 
Many animators are self employed, and either work from home, or work in various office settings on a freelance basis. Contract work on specific projects is another common form of employment.

3D Modeller

3D modellers create various images and models and their specialities are desired in a number of fields. Animationcareerreview.com describes how ‘3D modelers work in film and video production studios, visual effects houses, game design companies, advertising and graphic design firms, web design firms, software companies, architecture firms, laboratories (both science and medical), colleges and universities, product design firms, and manufacturing firms (retail, home, tools, etc.). Modelers also work in aerospace and for environmental agencies, automotive companies, retail firms, government agencies, crime labs (forensics), interior design firms, building technology firms, real estate companies, and many others.’ Enough to pick there for you?!!

Character Rigger

Character rigging involves manipulating the geometry of characters and building skeletons and controls for them. It therefore requires precision, technical skill, and a keen eye. Character riggers often work for animation studios, visual effects houses, game design companies, and design firms. 

Animation Director

It is the animation director’s role to interpret a brief, and make sure all of the team including animators and assistants are working to that brief by reviewing and managing the animation teams. Directors work in a variety of settings including animation studios, visual effects houses, TV & film production studios, game development companies, advertising agencies or as freelancers on a project to project basis. 

Forensic Animator

Forensic Animators use computer graphics to recreate events through observations from eye witnesses, police officers, forensic experts and other evidence to create an animation version of a given accident or crime. Forensic animators primarily work for law enforcement agencies, investigation firms, attorneys, the government or science labs. 

Mathematical Modeller

Earning some of the highest salaries in the career world, mathematical modellers pinpoint the essence of what makes something work by using mathematical concepts and language, and then simulating it.  Animationcareerreview.com describes how ‘Mathematical modelers work in dozens of different industries from aerospace to zoology. In entertainment focused industries, mathematical modelers may work on technical teams in video game design, video game programming, animation, and film and video.’

Take a look down this list of other great career paths you could go into from studying Animation… 

3D or 2D Animator
Concept Artist
Storyboard Artist
Texture Artist
Render Wrangler
Visual Effects Artist
Matte Painter
Effects Animator
Digital Lighting 
Motion Designer
Stop Motion Animator

Remember, you may have no idea what exactly it is you want to do before you start a course. The key thing to do is to study something you enjoy, and that way you can find your dream career path from trying various parts of the industry!

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