The D.O.C comes to JMC Academy

JMC Academy are proud to announce rap and hip hop superstar, The D.O.C. will be bringing his first ever DOC-300.jpgSpeaking Tour to Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney at JMC!

An integral member of N.W.A., both performing and songwriting for the group, The D.O.C. was all but done when he was involved in a near fatal car accident in the late 1980s and damaged his vocal cords almost beyond repair. Now in 2015, The D.O.C. is back with his first ever Speaking Tour, with rumours milling around about his return to performing.
The D.O.C will visit Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne and then Sydney, bringing the former CEO of Death Row Records, John Payne along with him to talk. 

Monday 16th Nov- Perth - Game Sports Bar
Tues 17th Nov - Brisbane - JMC Academy
Wed 18th Nov - Melbourne - JMC Academy
Thurs 19th Nov - Sydney - JMC Academy

Hear the D.O.C talk about his life and tell his story, with never-before heard stories about N.W.A. and the rise of hip hop and rap in the 1980s, as well as tips and tricks of songwriting, performing, and producing.

Tickets are available now HERE

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