The Best Ways to Stay Organised

Organisation is a key life skill that everyone should be able to master at some stage in your life. 


Especially if you are studying our Entertainment Business Management course, wanting to work with clients on Game Development or Digital Design. Heck, any job. 

So here are some of our top tips to keep you organised, on time, and ahead of the game. 

To Do Lists

WRITE THINGS DOWN. Even if you have a perfect memory, writing things down can help you to move them around a priority list. Also try to keep it all in one place, whether it’s on your phone, in your calendar or good old fashioned pen and paper, keep it together else it will be more like a scattered what-not-to-do list. They also say that even if you have written it digitally, writing it on paper helps it stick in your brain. 

Put it away now. 

‘I’ll do it later’ is perhaps the devil of organisation. Because most likely, you won’t. Just do it now, and it is done. Put it in its correct folder, in the right draw in the right desktop file. 

A White Board

White boards are so satisfying. Draw it on, wipe it off. Genius. 

Colour Coding

Visual people will find this especially important. Whether it is by importance, or by category, colour coding can help find what you need quicker.  It can take a while to set up but it makes things much clearer. 

A Calendar

Keep your calendar up to date. Then you can know where you are going where, and can help you plan your days (and life) better. Don’t forget to add birthdays and family events! 


If you don’t have a deadline for something, likelyhood is, it won’t get done. Make a REALISTIC deadline for everything and stick to it. If it is a big event, Gaant charts work well.  

Give everything a home.

Whether their home is a bin or a neat draw or folder, homing everything makes it easy to find when you need to. 

Declutter Regularly

Don’t be afraid to throw things out. Obviously if you need it then don’t throw it, but old scribbled notes that you aren’t going to ever read again, bin that trash to keep your desk clear and your brain clearer. 

Make your bed

It seems like a silly point, but it can set your brain on the right path in the morning. Wake up organised and you are more likely to stay organised all day (and less likely to slump back into bed straight away). 

Keep a notepad handy

By your bed for when you wake up in the middle of the night with a brain wave, and in your handbag (or pocket- whatever) for those moments you are in the middle of the supermarket and just have something incredibly excellent spring to mind. 

Got any more tips that you do to keep organised? Let us know @JMCAcademy

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