The best ways to find Inspiration

Whether you are looking to be inspired to write a new song, create an incredible new film, develop a new video game, or just look for some life inspiration, we have some top tips to help you find the inspiration you need. 

Take a moment to pause, breathe and reflect on your goal. If you are anxious about something, your mind may not be able to relax and find what you need. Take a break and take a step back to be able to re-evaluate. 

Look around you. Inspiration can be found in the oddest places, to have a look around and see what stands out to you. 

Don't take yourself too seriously. Some of the best inspiration comes from people just being themselves, and finding what really means something to them. Be yourself, relax, and let the inspiration find you. 

Jot things down as they come to you.  You may think a thought journal sounds silly, but believe me, it’s a great way to keep track of your ideas and piece them together.

Go for a walk. Or a run. Exercise is a great way to get your blood pumping and your brain working. 

Browse the Web. Minus the obvious #MotivationMonday images, the internet can provide some incredible inspiration. Whether it’s a though provoking article, or a great TED talk, someone else’s blog about their work or just some pictures, the internet is full of great ideas. Just try to stay away from the procrastinating cat videos. 

Talk to people. People in the same industry as you. People not in the same industry as you. Your loved ones. Strangers. Conversations can spark the best inspiration. Just make sure you have your thought journal on hand. 

What do you do to find inspiration? Let us know on Twitter @JMCAcademy. 

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