The Best Designed Album Covers of all time

So we all have our favourite musicians, but how do the best album designs compare? Digital design and music students take note!

We’ve put together some of the most Iconic and best designed album covers of all time. 

Artist: Pink Floyd
Album: Dark Side of the Moon
Designers: Thorgerson and Powell


We might as well start off with the most obvious. Designed by one of the most iconic design duos, Thorgerson and Powell (aka Hypgnosis). Thorgerson used inspiration from Floyd’s live light show, and the meaning of the triangle as a symbol of thought and ambition, to create one of the most celebrated album covers of today.  As Hipgnosis or alone, the due eventually created graphics for artists like Led Zeppelin, The Who, Genesis, and Muse. Bring on the design job envy. Even though the image contains no words, nearly everybody today still knows the album artists. 

Artist: Soulwax
Album: Nite Versions
Designer: Trevor Jackson

Multi-talented artist and musician Trevor Jackson produced this beautiful piece of graphic design for this Soulwax remix album. Eye-catching, yet subtle, it creates for a wonderful illusion, and a memorable album cover. 

Artist: Happy Mondays
Album: Pills 'n' Thrills and Bellyaches
Designer: Central Station Design


Cousins of  Shaun & Paul Ryder from the band, Central Station Design created this perfect representation of the band's sound: an eclectic and colourful cut 'n' paste collage of various influences thrown together but somehow creating something brilliant, exciting and cool.

Artist: Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Album: It's Blitz!
Designer: Urs Fischer

As a fan of swiss-born Urs Fischer, Karen O decided to work with Urs on the album cover for  ‘It’s Blitz’. That is Karen O’s hand, and we think it’s an egg- ceptional cover. 

Artist: Daft punk 
Album: Discovery
Designers: Kumiko Izumiya and Alexandre Courtes


Keeping with the tradition of using their logo in alternate forms on the covers of their albums, this cover is one of their best. The stark silver liquid form implies their electronic music, but nicely mixes with the subtle rainbow colours underneath demonstrating their fun, disco funk. 

Artist: Paramore
Album: Riot 
Designer: Mark Obriski


The album cover for ‘Riot’ was designed to depict the raw energy of the album through playful hand drawn typography. Band member Hayley Williams said that this artwork ‘has to do with the time and the energy of that moment in our lives. Everything was loud colors and bright, and we were really young and all the art and photos were crazy.’

Artist: The Rolling Stones
Album: Sticky Fingers
Artist: Andy Warhol


This infamous cover perfectly portrays the rolling stones’ sex drugs and rock ‘n’ roll with the grainy black and white image, and grungy stamp text. Surprisingly enough, the image isn’t actually of Jagger, although the tight jeans and suggestive bulge do fit so well with the album content. The identity of the mystery model remains a secret to this day. 

Artist: Jay z
Album: The Black Album
Artist: Robert Sims


Designed as Jay Z’s last ever album ( although we now know that was not the last) the black album shows Jay literally fading into the black with a baseball cap over his eyes. This mature, classy yet bold statement perfectly reflects his music ‘going dark’, while still showing his rap through the cap. 

Artist: Blur 
Album: Think tank
Designer: Banksy 


Despite normally avoiding commercial work, infamous graffiti artist Banksy, whose true identity is unknown, designed the cover of ‘Think Tank’, showing a couple trying to kiss whilst wearing underwater helmets. 

Which is your favourite album artwork of all time? Let us know @JMCAcademy

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